As part of its whiplash reform programme, the government is increasing the small claims limit for road traffic accident related personal injury claims to £5,000.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) will introduce changes via the Civil Procedure Rules and a new Pre-action Protocol.

To support the change, the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) is designing a new online portal to allow unrepresented litigants to progress their own claim, whether or not they have legal representation.

The new service is expected to launch on 1 August 2020.

Online claims portal

The MIB have started mapping out how unrepresented claimants, professional users (such as solicitors) and compensators will use the online portal.

Organisations will need to register and accept a user agreement to use the portal.

The new portal will:

  • include an integrated Motor Insurance Database (MID) check
  • be based on the principle of one claim notification per claimant.

The new portal will not:

  • be integrated with the existing claims portal
  • include an integrated CUE PI check.

Bulk claims

There will be no bulk upload or bulk claim creation facility for professional users in April 2020.

Medical reports

Professional users will continue using the existing MedCo service for selecting medical report providers.

Between March and May 2019, the government held a short, focused consultation to seek views on a revised medical reporting process for unrepresented claimants. The results of the consultation will impact how obtain medical reports are obtained in the future.

Integrating your firm’s technology

Depending on how your organisation connects its case management system to the current claims portal, you may need to prepare differently.

The MIB has created diagrams to show how organisations will integrate with the new portal, which you can use to assess the impact for your firm’s technology preparations.

To find out more, you can sign up to receive regular updates on the whiplash reforms programme from the MIB.