The Law Society has issued a damning critique of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) proposals for a streamlined code of conduct and – to a lesser extent – its planned overhaul of the accounts rules.

Law Society president Robert Bourns said: ‘Currently if you walk into your local solicitors’ firm in any part of in England and Wales, you get the benefit of legal professional privilege for communications, full insurance cover in the unlikely event things go wrong, and protection from the solicitor acting in conflict with the interests of the consumer. The new regulatory proposals will create a two-tier solicitor profession.

The Gazette notes that the Law Society accuses the SRA of acting without evidence and creating the potential to confuse consumers.

President Robert Bourns said: ‘The SRA has failed to make a convincing case when it comes to any benefits from its proposals. There simply isn’t convincing evidence that allowing solicitors to deal with the public from unregulated companies will either drive up choice or drive down cost.’

Solicitors are urged by the Law Society to submit their own responses to the SRA’s consultation before the deadline of 21 September.