Centil Law Firm’s newest report is a great introductory guide on Central Asia’s recent economic, business and legal indicators for investors, policymakers and academics

Although the Central Asian countries account for less than 1% of the global population, the region has traditionally occupied a geostrategic place at the crossroads of West and East.

As such, for almost half of the past millennium the region has served as an important trade centre connecting many economic and cultural facets of the Eurasian region. Central Asia has a long and fascinatingly rich history that reflects economic, cultural and scientific developments.

Today, the region has large reserves of natural and human resources and yet remains largely unexplored, as reflected by the region’s openness to the global economy. 

This report gives an insight of macroeconomic prospects that are likely to affect the Central Asian business environments, and the major legal changes in individual countries’ business environments. It includes facts and figures that give a concise and fact-based insight into Central Asia’s economies, output, consumption, energy, poverty levels, and demographics.

Read the full report attached.