To celebrate the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Law Society’s North Asia team attended an evening of musical performances, food and discussions hosted by the UK Society of Chinese Lawyers.

China, the world’s second-largest economy, has become increasingly open and accessible to UK business from a wide range of sectors. Its path towards sustainable and balanced development under the 12th Five-Year Plan alongside a focus on boosting domestic consumption, is opening new opportunities for continued industrial innovation and business expansion in China.

Meanwhile, over the past decade, China’s ‘going out’ strategy has spurred great promise with its dynamic enterprises increasingly investing overseas. Thus, unsurprisingly, more and more Chinese businesses are investing in the UK.

The Law Society’s international department helps solicitors to develop their international work and promote their business to an international audience. Through relationships with our overseas counterparts, we can advise you on market access requirements and regulations, and put you in touch with local lawyers looking to work with solicitors. As such, a relationship with our Chinese counterparts is very important to us and there is already a very big community of Chinese lawyers in the UK, including the UK Society of Chinese Lawyers

The Law Society also has friendships agreements and MOUs with the All China Lawyers Association, the Beijing Lawyers Association, the Shenzhen Lawyers and the Shanghai Lawyers Association. Our relationships with the various bilateral groups offer networking and business opportunities for our members to meet with Chinese lawyers, and vice versa.

Upcoming opportunity

We regularly host delegations of lawyers from across China. 

On 13 April we will be holding an informal networking opportunity for a group of UK based Chinese lawyers at the Law Society. 

From 30 June to 1 July 2015, we will be hosting a Chinese legal market visit to London.

If you are a Chinese or UK firm interested in getting involved please contact Sonam Khan ( or Donna Evans (