This Shenzhen-based law firm in Shenzhen seeks British law firms to co-develop business for the ‘One Belt One Road’.

Established in 1993, this law firm was one of China’s first partnership law firms and first law firms to provide non-litigation service in China.

Over the past few years, its business scope has developed in fields including: international trade, finance and securities, international investment, company acquisition, assets reorganization, real estate, intellectual property rights, construction works, litigation and arbitration.

With clients covering Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China, it acts as an agent for or assists local and foreign clients to perform complex trade and investment activities, arbitration and litigation within the territory in different specialty fields, provides legal advice and solutions.

It has established long-term business cooperation with law firms from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, countries from Southeast Asia, the USA, Japan and Canada to ensure that clients will be able to share equally high quality legal services around the world.

With the “One Belt One Road” being new national strategy in China, its clients include many state owned enterprises are undergoing expansion to “One Belt One Road” countries. It therefore, wants to improve its services and provide more help to its clients.

For this opportunity, it is interested in establishing a joint venture or partnership with British professional service providers. It is particularly interested to talk to law firms who have experience in the 64 “One Belt One Road” countries.

To find out more, please register your interest with the China-British Business Council’s team in China.


Response deadline: 30/06/2015