Belgian law firm Liedekerke, with a base in Brussels and London, tells us why Belgium should be on your radar screen from a tax point of view.

Over the past years, Belgium has considerably improved its attractiveness towards foreign investors and enhanced its position on the international business scene by introducing a series of tax and legal measures primarily favouring inbound investment.

Although Belgian tax resident companies are subject to a Belgian corporate income tax rate of 33,99%, specific tax measures are officially estimated to have reduced the effective tax rate to an average level of 26%, in certain cases much less.

Belgium has indeed introduced an attractive participation exemption regime, a tax deduction for risk capital (the so called Notional Interest Deduction), a very interesting tax regime for patent income and is one of the few European countries that has signed a double tax treaty with ao Hong Kong and the DRC.

These measures combined with an efficient tax ruling system have helped put Belgium on the map from a tax perspective. In addition, Belgium offers an attractive income and tax regime for certain categories of individuals.

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