The Law Society’s International department often receives queries from our members about how to check Australian lawyers’ credentials. To assist our members we have put together a quick guide on how to go about this task.

In Australia, there are eight separate jurisdictions which register lawyers, and in some jurisdictions the credentials of barristers and solicitors are held separately (in Australia, some jurisdictions have a fused profession). This means you may need to check separate databases.

Below are links to the databases of lawyers holding practicing certificates in each relevant Australian jurisdiction. Please note, lawyers may be registered in one state or territory, but be physically located in a different state or territory.

Australian Capital Territory

Solicitors - Australian Capital Territory Law Society

Barristers - Australian Capital Territory Bar Association

New South Wales

Solicitors - Law Society of New South Wales

Barristers - New South Wales Bar

Northern Territory

Solicitors and Barristers - Law Society of the Northern Territory


Solicitors - Queensland Law Society

Barristers - Bar Association of Queensland

South Australia

Solicitors and Barristers - The Law Society of South Australia


Solicitors and Barristers - The Law Society of Tasmania


Solicitors and Barristers - The Law Insitute of Victoria

Western Australia

Solicitors and Barristers - Legal Practice Board of Western Australia

Solicitors - The Law Society of Western Australia 


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