Leslie Hemery, the president of the British Chilean Chamber of Commerce, is hosting a Legal Summit between renowned Chilean and British professionals as part of CHILEday 2015 on Tuesday, 8th September.

The event will be hosted by Simmons & Simmons at CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9HT and will begin at 18:00.

The British Chilean Chamber of Commerce, under the auspices of its Legal Committee, has organised a panel discussion about foreign investment legislation in Chile. Following this, there will be a chance to meet and explore potential opportunities for the legal profession in both Chile and the UK.

If you have any questions about the event or are interested in attending then please RSVP to the following email address: alfred.budschitz@britcham.cl.

About CHILEday 2015

CHILEday is a public-private partnership between InBest and the Ministro de Hacienda - the Chilean equivalent of the Treasury. Its objective is to promote Chile as a destination for foreign investment, and it thus constitutes a forum for discussing potential opportunities in Chile and the UK. For further information please use this link: http://inbest.cl/chileday/en/.