A large number of the JLD student members contribute their time and skills to pro bono projects. These projects might be local or national, organised by individuals or by the LPC provider or university.

Whilst competition for vacation schemes and training contracts is fierce, pro bono offers a chance to gain legal experience and demonstrate commitment to the profession. The ethical angle should not be overlooked either, and nor should the fantastic sense of well-being that you get from actually giving something back to the community.

Law schools

Law schools are particularly abundant in pro bono projects, which are a great opportunity for students to obtain practical legal experience. Not only will this assist individuals and groups who would otherwise not have access to legal advice, but it will be of enormous benefit to those students who take the time to get involved. Pro bono will put you into direct contact with clients and give you practical applications for the academic learning from the LLB or CPE.

Benefits and recognition

Pro bono should not stop on becoming a trainee or on qualification. The need still remains and there are ongoing benefits for all lawyers, no matter what level of experience. The JLD promotes pro bono activities to all its members and beyond.

Getting involved

If you are interested in getting involved in pro bono, speak to your law school. If there are no projects already up and running, consider starting one of your own. It is likely that you will receive support from the law school and from other students.

For further information or project ideas visit the LawWorks website at www.lawworks.org.uk