Interviews can be nerve-wracking for all of us. Leanne Howard shares her strategies for being a great interviewee.

  1. Be prepared: make sure you’ve done your research on the firm that you are applying to. Make sure you know why you are applying for a particular firm as you are bound to be asked the question.
  2. Practice your interview technique: considering possible interview questions. There are hundreds of websites on the interview with examples of questions that commonly come up.
  3. Make a good first impression: wear your best suit, smile and make good eye contact. Arrive at your interview early. Arriving late will make you feel flustered which is likely to increase stress and anxiety.
  4. Be confident: nothing shows confidence like a firm handshake and positive body language.
  5. Stay calm: try not to let your nerves get the better of you. If you’re asked a difficult question that you’re not sure how to answer don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. This demonstrates confidence and an ability to control a situation.
  6. Don’t appear critical of former employers: Most employers will look unfavourably upon a person who complains about a past employer as it demonstrates a lack of loyalty.
  7. Be enthusiastic: show your enthusiasm for the role in the way that you answer the interviewer’s questions.
  8. Consider your strengths: be clear about what skills you can bring to the firm.
  9. Be an interesting person: don’t be afraid to discuss your hobbies and interests.
  10. End on a positive note: Use the opportunity at the end of the interview to ask positive questions to demonstrate your knowledge of the role or the firm. Avoid the tendency to ask questions about pay or benefits at the first interview.