Recent Risk and Complaints Management

  • money laundering

    What you need to know about AMLD5


    The EU’s 5th Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) came into force on 10 January 2020. The Legal Sector Affinity Group (LSAG), which includes the Law Society and all the legal sector supervisors named in the anti-money laundering regulations, has published a summary of changes brought in by AMLD5

  • rebecca-atkinson-600x400

    On the same side


    In the first of a two-part series on complaints, Rebecca Atkinson looks at some of the reasons why clients complain, and how to avoid complaints by focusing on providing ‘good’ service in key areas

  • buy-cash-coins-9660

    Updated anti-money laundering regulations from January 2020


    The EU’s 5th Money Laundering Directive came into force on 10 January 2020.

  • Insurance

    SRA drops plans to lower PII


    News that the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is to drop proposals to lower the levels of professional indemnity insurance (PII) has been welcomed by the Law Society.

  • Freelance working with laptop and coffee

    Webinar: Unregulated businesses and freelance solicitors (OnDemand)


    This webinar explains the principal alternative business structures to practising as a solicitor, other than working through a firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

  • arrows

    At a premium: insurance renewal trends for 2019 to 2020


    The professional indemnity insurance market is changing. Martin MacHale summarises what law firms can expect in the year ahead, including a new focus on cybersecurity measures.

  • risk

    Webinar: Risk management for small to medium law firms (OnDemand)


    This webinar covers the main principle of risk management and how it’s the ultimate investment for any law firm

  • John Clarke

    The big three


    What lessons can law firms learn from three of 2019’s top cybersecurity attacks? John Clarke  considers

  • Smart shoes standing in autumm leaves

    How to approach insurance renewal – a guide for practice managers


    As the October deadline for professional indemnity insurance renewal approaches, Martin MacHale offers a guide on how to make sure your firm is properly supported in case of potential claims – and why you should not leave renewal to the last minute.

  • rachel brushfield

    Retaining young talent in law firms – part one


    Attracting and retaining the right talent is one of the most business-critical issues affecting law firms. In the first of a two-part series, Rachel Brushfield looks at how firms need to rethink their practices in order to successfully attract and retain young talent in fast-changing times.

  • Calendar

    Renewing your firm’s insurance – tips from a market broker


    Martin MacHale explains the process of renewing your firm’s professional indemnity insurance – from the perspective of an underwriter.

  • Scales of Justice

    SDT announces planned change to standard of proof


    The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) has announced that it will apply to adopt the civil standard of proof when it hears cases brought by the regulator

  • Frank Maher

    One year on


    It’s been nearly a year since the General Data Protection Regulation came into force. Frank Maher discusses the lessons he has learned since then advising law firms on the legislation

  • Paul Bennett

    Inside job


    We all trust our partners, colleagues, employees and advisers. But law firms are often hierarchical, so we can become too reliant on certain individuals. How can we avoid ‘key person risk’? Paul Bennett considers

  • steve-ray-380x254

    Shifting sands


    PII is in flux. The market is hardening, free post-run-off cover is ceasing, regulatory changes will introduce classes of solicitor with less or no cover, and proposed changes could reduce minimum cover. Steve Ray  and Jenny Screech round up the changes, and the likely effects

  • Amy Bell

    Held to account


    Amy Bell offers her top five tips for accounts staff to help in the fight against money laundering through client accounts

  • Raised voices speech bubble thumbs up

    Raised voices


    Communication is a critical factor in many complaints relating to legal services, according to a recent report by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Fiona du Feu examines 10 common communication areas that can make a difference

  • Brexit - person in Union Jack jacket holding compass

    Exit polls


    With odds shortening for a ‘fudged’ or no-deal Brexit, law firms are being advised to hope for the best but prepare for the worst, as the clock ticks down to March 2019. Grania Langdon-Down investigates

  • aml image

    Law Commission launches consultation on money laundering


    The Law Commission is reviewing the anti-money laundering regime in Part 7 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the counter-terrorism financing regime in Part 3 of the Terrorism Act 2000, in order to make the consent regime more effective

  • Peter Wright

    Cybersecurity: what should your firm be prioritising after GDPR?


    How can you protect your firm from a data breach? We ask Peter Wright, member of the Law Society’s Technology and Law Committee, about the latest trends in cyber and IT security risk in a post-GDPR world