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    Charities still waiting for clarity on bequest alerts


    Charities still do not know how they will receive bequest alerts after the government ends its arrangement with a private legacy notification provider in July 2019.

  • Emily Travell

    Lasting legacy


    Emily Travell discusses her working life as a charity legacy officer

  • Duncan Wood

    It begins at home?


    Building trust with charity legacy professionals, better Law Society leadership and tackling will-making misconceptions are all needed to encourage solicitors to discuss charitable giving with clients, according to a roundtable led by the Private Client Section. Duncan Wood reports

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    Law Commission's consultation on technical issues in charity law


    The Law Society has responded to the Law Commission’s consultation on technical issues in charity law.

  • Rob Cope

    Give a little


    Legacy giving is increasingly important to charities, but only 6.3 per cent of the population leaves a charitable will. Research by Remember A Charity offers useful insights into how solicitors can promote charitable giving to clients, says Rob Cope

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    Give to receive


    Whether through ad hoc charitable donations or a strategic programme of philanthropy, clients in Britain have a long history of ‘giving back’. Alana Petraske and Christopher Groves look at the options, and the tax reliefs available

  • Piggy banks

    Research sheds new light on charitable legacies


    New research launched today at the Law Society of England and Wales provides valuable insights into how solicitors can help their clients use their wills to support charities.

  • Chris Millward

    Preserve and protect


    The Ilott v Mitson judgment has cast doubt on the validity of charitable legacies: is it even worth making a will if it is capable of being ‘rewritten’ by the court? Chris Millward gives the charity sector’s perspective on the Court of Appeal’s verdict.

  • Jan Garrill

    Community caring


    Jan Garrill explains the role of community foundations in lifetime and legacy giving, and how solicitors and foundations can work together to ensure the solution chosen is the most appropriate for clients and their families

  • Charity

    Sweet charity


    The distinction between an individual and a charity as a beneficiary in an estate has not always been understood or appreciated by solicitors. But, as Chrissie Paphitis explains, a more collaborative relationship between solicitors and legacy managers is emerging

  • Piggy banks

    Law Commission consults on technical aspects of charity law


    The consultation covers the procedures by which charities governed by Royal Charter and by Act of Parliament amend their governing documents, the law relating to the use of permanent endowment, and other technical issues. It closes on 3 July 2015

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    Government to increase certain income thresholds for charity audits


    Some income thresholds at which charities should have their accounts audited will increase from £500,000 to £1m, with effect from 31 March 2015

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    Charity Commission publishes guidance for charity trustees on charity tax reliefs


    The Charity Commission has published a new guidance document setting out its regulatory guidance to trustees on the use of fiscal reliefs available to charities, including participation by charities in tax avoidance arrangements

  • Michelle Garlick

    Connecting the dots


    Conflicts of interest can arise when solicitors act for clients to whom they are connected. Michelle Garlick looks at the statutory guidance on these tricky situations, and what solicitors should do when faced with them

  • Practice management

    The leftovers


    The self-certification amount of which firms can donate to charity without prior authorisation increased to £500 from 31 October 2014. Jacky Ellis outlines the rules for dealing with residual client account balances and provides some handy hints

  • Sheree Green

    Meek: who shall inherit?


    Sheree Green reports on the latest chapter in the long-running litigation over the estate of Gladys Meek, and her two deputies’ mis-spending of her estate

  • Davison

    In your gift


    As Will Aid celebrates its 25-year anniversary, Sue Davison looks at how the scheme helps solicitors to support their community, raise money for charity, and bring in 
new business

  • Gary Rycroft

    Webinar: Charities as beneficiaries (12 March 2014)


    In one of the four webinars inclusive in 2014 Private Client Section membership, Gary Rycroft and Nicola Sims look at ways of achieving collaborative working between solicitors and charity legacy professionals

  • Nicola Sims

    Working together


    Nichola Sims explains the extensive information that charities need from solicitors when a legacy is bequested to them, and provides a template letter drawn up by the Institute of Legacy Managememt to show solicitors what to expect from a charity’s first contact

  • Rob Cope

    Asking the question


    By making clients aware of the option of leaving a small charitable gift from their estate once friends and family have been looked after, solicitors can make a huge difference to many good causes, writes Rob Cope