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  • China

    Opportunity for English and Welsh law firms to meet future Chinese business partners and clients


    To coincide with our annual one-day International Marketplace Conference 2015  on 1 July 2015 , lawyers from China will be visiting the Law Society for a four-day programme from Tuesday 30 June to Friday 3 July 2015 .

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    The big event


    In recent editions I have mentioned that, for a variety of reasons, the Law Management Section committee has been very short on members; I am delighted to report that we now have a full complement.

  • Steven Petty

    Game plan?


    In the first of a series on setting up a new firm, Steven Petty looks at the importance of a strategic plan in ensuring the business has appropriate goals – and achieves them

  • Evolving for success

    Evolving for success


    In a healthy but changeable legal services market, firms cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Nick Jarrett-Kerr suggests 12 strategic projects for firms looking to get and stay ahead of the competition

  • Alan Hodgart

    Under the lens


    Alan Hodgart explains why a clear strategic focus is essential for the smaller law firm, and how to define and execute your strategy to the benefit of your business and your clients

  • Structures

    Limited appeal


    In the second of our series on law firm structures, Andrew Allen takes a look at the potential benefits and drawbacks of using a limited company as your core trading structure

  • David Gilroy

    Who do you know?


    David Gilroy explains how effective client relationship management can help you keep and win clients, and how to get it right in practice

  • Catherine Gannon

    The business end


    Catherine Gannon talks to Diana Bentley about the challenges and rewards of setting up Gannons, a boutique firm working with private companies and small businesses

  • Nicola Jones

    After hours


    The changes to solicitors’ CPD, from an hours-based to a competency-based regime, are now well under way. Nicola Jones outlines the practicalities of compliance with the new system, and the benefits it can bring for firms and the legal sector

  • Rocky road

    Rocky road


    In a volatile market, the expectations placed on solicitors can put a real strain on their practice. Paul Coombes explains how you can manage expectations and stay ahead in one of the most changeable areas of practice: residential conveyancing

  • Kerry Underwood

    Remote control


    In the second of our series on outsourcing for law firms, Kerry Underwood explains the benefits his firm realised through setting up an office in South Africa to undertake the firm’s back-office functions

  • Costs

    Paying the price


    Clients are more demanding on fees than ever before, and that pressure shows no signs of waning. But how can you set pricing so it’s both acceptable to the client, and sufficiently profitable for the firm? Robert Mowbray outlines a three-step approach

  • Francis dingwall

    A tangled web


    It has been said that there are two types of firms: those that know they have been attacked by cybercriminals, and those that don’t yet know. Francis Dingwall looks at how to prevent attacks, and how to mitigate them when they do happen

  • Law Society entrance

    Talking business: highlights from the spring conference


    Mark Field, Civil Litigation Section committee member, rounds up the talking points from our spring conference, held on 29 April at Chancery Lane

  • TTIP

    Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Negotiating the lawyers’ interests


    The Law Society used the recent American Bar Association Section of International Law Spring conference to update international lawyers and stakeholders on TTIP, following the 9th round of discussions held in New York at the end of April 2015.

  • Law Society Library

    Library FAQ: Personal injury trusts


    The Law Society Library lists resources which contain commentary and precedents for personal injury trusts

  • gc100

    GC100: pro bono guide 2015


    GC100 published its pro bono guide 2015 on 1 January 2015. This guide provides information on: overcoming the barriers to in-house lawyers doing pro bono work ways in which in-house lawyers can get involved in pro bono international pro bono ...

  • toolkit large

    SRA introduces new CPD scheme


    A new CPD scheme will be introduced by the SRA with effect from 1 November 2016. Read the features of the scheme in this article

  • BCCC

    Law Society to host "Starting a Business in Colombia: Overcoming Common Hurdles" breakfast event

    The British Colombian Chamber of Commerce and the Law Society are presenting in our joint annual event the relevant and practical issues UK companies may face when establishing business in Colombia.

  • Camino Mortera-Martinez

    Westminster Abbey: the drama behind Britain’s relationship with the EU


    The relationship between the UK and the European Union has all the ingredients for a good drama: there is love, hate, arguments, reconciliations and even an old French man. General De Gaulle would surely not be pleased with the present situation.