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  • China

    Opportunity for English and Welsh law firms to meet future Chinese business partners and clients


    To coincide with our annual one-day International Marketplace Conference 2015  on 1 July 2015 , lawyers from China will be visiting the Law Society for a four-day programme from Tuesday 30 June to Friday 3 July 2015 .

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    The big event


    In recent editions I have mentioned that, for a variety of reasons, the Law Management Section committee has been very short on members; I am delighted to report that we now have a full complement.

  • Steven Petty

    Game plan?


    In the first of a series on setting up a new firm, Steven Petty looks at the importance of a strategic plan in ensuring the business has appropriate goals – and achieves them

  • Evolving for success

    Evolving for success


    In a healthy but changeable legal services market, firms cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Nick Jarrett-Kerr suggests 12 strategic projects for firms looking to get and stay ahead of the competition

  • Alan Hodgart

    Under the lens


    Alan Hodgart explains why a clear strategic focus is essential for the smaller law firm, and how to define and execute your strategy to the benefit of your business and your clients

  • Structures

    Limited appeal


    In the second of our series on law firm structures, Andrew Allen takes a look at the potential benefits and drawbacks of using a limited company as your core trading structure

  • David Gilroy

    Who do you know?


    David Gilroy explains how effective client relationship management can help you keep and win clients, and how to get it right in practice

  • Catherine Gannon

    The business end


    Catherine Gannon talks to Diana Bentley about the challenges and rewards of setting up Gannons, a boutique firm working with private companies and small businesses

  • Nicola Jones

    After hours


    The changes to solicitors’ CPD, from an hours-based to a competency-based regime, are now well under way. Nicola Jones outlines the practicalities of compliance with the new system, and the benefits it can bring for firms and the legal sector

  • Rocky road

    Rocky road


    In a volatile market, the expectations placed on solicitors can put a real strain on their practice. Paul Coombes explains how you can manage expectations and stay ahead in one of the most changeable areas of practice: residential conveyancing