Performance management and adding value

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    Bend and flex: flexible working in the in-house sector


    The onslaught of Covid-19 means that remote working has become key to maintaining a functioning workforce. But attitudes towards flexible working in-house have been changing regardless. Diana Bentley talks to a number of in-house lawyers and managers about the different arrangements they have in place - and when the organisation ...

  • Working from home

    Five tips for working from home as an in-house lawyer


    In-house Division committee member Helen Shay offers her advice for working effectively from home as an in-house lawyer.

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    Adapting to diversity: Supporting business operations and liquidity during coronavirus


    Emily O’Neill, Chief Counsel IP and Litigation at Spectris plc, considers how in-house litigators can support their business’ liquidity and operational challenges during the coronavirus pandemic and mitigate the effects of litigation.

  • Anu Kaura

    Weathering the storm: One in-house lawyer’s story


    Anu Kaura, head of legal group in-house lawyer at Malhotra Group plc, speaks about how she’s managing communications and ever-changing regulatory updates and guidance in her organisation, during this crisis.

  • Agile

    Can agile work for in-house?


    Most people have heard of agile working; you might be already doing it. But does it actually work for in-house? Maxine Park investigates.

  • YPLS

    Q&A: In-house Excellence Awards winners YPLS


    The Young People’s Legal Service, part of Warwickshire Legal Services, Warwickshire Country Council won the 2019  Law Society Excellence In-house award for their outstanding contribution to society by delivering legal services that help people experiencing significant financial pressure. Senior solicitor Naomi Bentley-Lawson explains more.

  • Chris Fox winner

    Interview: Chris Fox, In-house Solicitor of the Year 2019


    Chris Fox won the In-house Solicitor of the Year Excellence Award last week. We speak to him about developing relationships around the business, leadership, legal strategy, and bouncing back from mistakes.

  • contract with pen

    Don't forget your commas - the importance of language and grammar in contract drafting


    Registered European Lawyer Avv. Daniela Licciardo explains why grammar and language are just as important as understanding the black letter law in contract drafting.

  • kate wellington

    Success story: Which? judicial review of Whirlpool


    Frustrated by Trading Standards’ failure to take action over faulty Whirlpool tumble dryers that caused a number of fires across the UK, the in-house legal team at Which? decided to step in and launch a judicial review. Kate Wellington, head of legal operations at Which?, explains how her team used ...

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    Flying high: seven skills for adding value


    Swati Paul explains the key skills you need to add value in your role, backed up by two real-life practical case studies from her role as GC at London Luton Airport.

  • two jigsaw pieces

    Keep it insights


    Rachel Brushfield explores the role of insight and client relationship management (CRM) systems in effectively managing and influencing your key stakeholders at work in an organised and compelling way for career success, and shares some practical tips.

  • matt gingell

    Hacked off


    Matthew Gingell, general counsel at Oxygen House Group, recently organised a legal ‘hack’ with other lawyers in his area to prove the hypothesis that the law should not be a barrier to innovation. Here, he explains how he organised it, and the insight and benefits it has brought to his ...

  • Lightbulbs

    Because you're worth it - making the business case for the legal team


    Pearl Moses, head of Risk and Compliance at the Law Society, explains how you can make the business case for your legal team as effective as possible.

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    The great from the good: what differentiates successful in-house counsel?


    What lies at the heart of a thriving legal department? What essential skills are needed to support the legal team increase their impact and influence? These were some of the questions grappled with during a World Café-style event held by LexisNexis (LN) at the conference, chaired by Sophie Gould ...

  • circle of speech bubbles

    Layman's terms: communicating law to non-lawyers


    Natasha Taylor , legal services manager at Essex Legal Services, considers the art of communicating law to non-lawyers. She draws on her experiences as a solicitor advocate in adoption hearings to explain how understanding and empathy can make all the difference when building client relationships.

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    3 concrete ways to increase the value from your external panel


    Sophie Gould announces the findings of new research by LexisNexis and the Judge Business School on the relationship between in-house legal teams and large law firms, and the practical lessons to take away.

  • team

    Managing an in-house legal team: 5 things you must consider


    Managing a team of in-house lawyers presents all kinds of nuanced challenges. Amanda Gill, director at Deutsche Bank, provides five tips that any manager, from the novice to the seasoned veteran, should follow.

  • katrina photo

    Success stories: How we won the In-house Excellence Award


    Katrina Robinson MBE’s legal services team at housing association Optivo won the Law Society’s Excellence In-house Award 2017 for their unique and direct approach to working with tenants suffering from anti-social behaviour. In an interview conducted shortly before she left the business, she explains how their personal service for their ...

  • diversity

    Great expectations: driving diversity


    US firm HP caused a stir last year when it announced that it would withhold up to ten per cent of costs invoiced by their external law firms if they do not meet minimum diversity requirements. While we haven’t seen anything so drastic over here yet, Diana Bentley explores how ...

  • Bhavisha Mistry

    How I set up a legal function from scratch at Missguided


    Youth fashion brand Missguided is a force to be reckoned with, with profits soaring, expansion into the USA and the launch of its flagship store in London. We speak to Bhavisha Mistry about how she became Missguided’s first general counsel, why staying on brand is vital in everything her team ...