• leadership

    Empowering general counsel to take a more strategic leadership role in business


    Lesley Wan gave the keynote address of day one of the conference, on how in-house counsel can unleash their strategic potential. She outlines a number of trailblazing initiatives she has delivered over her career to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone.

  • crisis management

    The long read: The challenging role of lawyers in crisis response


    Keith Ruddock argues that companies - and their legal teams - need to understand that societal and community issues are as important as technical, legal, economic or enginerring issues. These can be vital to reputation management in a crisis.

  • team

    Managing an in-house legal team: 5 things you must consider


    Managing a team of in-house lawyers presents all kinds of nuanced challenges. Amanda Gill, director at Deutsche Bank, provides five tips that any manager, from the novice to the seasoned veteran, should follow.

  • katrina photo

    Success stories: How we won the In-house Excellence Award


    Katrina Robinson MBE’s legal services team at housing association Optivo won the Law Society’s Excellence In-house Award 2017 for their unique and direct approach to working with tenants suffering from anti-social behaviour. In an interview conducted shortly before she left the business, she explains how their personal service for their ...

  • diversity

    Great expectations: driving diversity


    US firm HP caused a stir last year when it announced that it would withhold up to ten per cent of costs invoiced by their external law firms if they do not meet minimum diversity requirements. While we haven’t seen anything so drastic over here yet, Diana Bentley explores how ...

  • ciaran fenton

    Isn’t it time that in-house lawyers re-launched the legal function?


    Ciarán Fenton says it’s time to redefine the role and purpose of the legal function to reflect the relationship between in-house lawyers and their business leaders.

  • Bhavisha Mistry

    How I set up a legal function from scratch at Missguided


    Youth fashion brand Missguided is a force to be reckoned with, with profits soaring, expansion into the USA and the launch of its flagship store in London. We speak to Bhavisha Mistry about how she became Missguided’s first general counsel, why staying on brand is vital in everything her team ...

  • ciaran fenton

    Why in-house counsel don't pay enough attention to ethics management


    Ciarán Fenton explains why in-house counsel teams are missing an opportunity around ethics.

  • Handshake

    Partner up


    Once dubbed the ‘business prevention unit’, in-house legal departments are now striving to become effective business partners in their organisations. Diana Bentley find outs from several GC how they are enhancing their profiles with their business colleagues.

  • From the film Elizabeth, the Queen sits on her throne with a man beside her

    What a CEO wants


    What does a chief executive seek from their general counsel? Hays plc’s CEO Alistair Cox wants a confidante and critical friend.