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WLD leadership workshop - Challenging conversations (14 May 2015)

This workshop will help you explore the impact of a range of conflict-handling strategies and communication styles

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We commission exclusive articles from leading women lawyers and legal commentators, on issues of importance to women in the law, as well as practical support and guidance, including on career development

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Returnships and other routes back to law after a career break

10 December 2014Updated: 31 December 2014By ,

In 2014, a new route back to work opened up for returning professionals in the UK: the returning professional internship (returnship). Katerina Gould and Julianne Miles explain how it works

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Pilot launched to attract women and BME candidates to apply for judicial office

15 April 2015

A new initiative to attract more exceptionally high quality lawyers and legal academics from non-traditional backgrounds to sit in the High Court in London is currently being piloted. Places in the pilot are limited to women, candidates from a BAME background and those coming from less advantaged social or educational backgrounds

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The Law Society’s Women Lawyers Division supports and advise all women solicitors including LPC graduates, roll members, women on a career break and retirees, no matter their area of practice.

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    An appropriately sophisticated approach to making the bench more representative of our society.

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    Initiative aims to put lawyers and legal academics with no judicial experience directly on to the High Court’s benches.

  • Lawyers reflect on racism

    ‘Diversity’ was not a word district judge Tan Ikram heard much in the 1990s, he told attendees at the launch of the Law Society’s Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division earlier this month.