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Recent Practical Support features

business plan chalkboard image

Four reasons why you need a business plan

18 June 2019

It may be obvious why you need a business plan - Tom Blandford of Armstrong Watson considers some of the less obvious reasons.


Why it's time to embrace price transparency

10 June 2019

The SRA has revealed that in a random survey of 500 firms, 75% were only in partial compliance with the new price transparency rules. Dave Seager, managing director of SIFA Professional, explains why solicitors should view price transparency as a great opportunity to refresh their websites and attract new clients.

ten pound notes

The importance of cash flow forecasts and projections for law firms

24 May 2019

Rosy Rourke of Armstrong Watson presents a guide to accurate cash flow forecasting and projections for firms of all sizes, and explains why they are a somewhat overlooked business planning tool.

andy poole headshot 140x90

Starting a law firm - part IV. Applying to the SRA

15 May 2019By

In the final part of Armstrong Watson’s series on starting up your own firm, Andy Poole explains applying to the SRA for authorisation.

andy poole headshot 140x90

Starting a new law firm – part III. Tax

22 March 2019By

In the third part of Armstrong Watson’s series on starting up your own firm, Andy Poole discusses the major tax considerations.

justin rourke

The due diligence dilemma for law firms

8 March 2019

Under the new SRA Code of Conduct coming this November, all referrals to IFAs must be based on a written agreement if a fee-sharing agreement is in place. How can solicitors achieve this while protecting and evidencing clients’ best interests, asks Justin Rourke

sally azarmi cut back on overhead 140x96

Sally Azarmi: cut back on overheads

20 December 2016

Sally Azarmi, director of Azarmi & Co and chair of the Law Society’s Small Firms Committee, recommends keeping close track of business expenses

john whittle challenges small firms 140x96

Jon Whittle: what are the challenges facing small law firms?

20 December 2016

Jon Whittle shares insights on the problems facing small firms today

paul bennett better communication 140x96

Paul Bennett: stand out with better communication

20 December 2016

Paul Bennett endorses the ‘art of the telephone call’ 

john whittle challenges small firms 140x96

Jon Whittle: Lexis Nexis’ research on small law firms

20 December 2016

Jon Whittle reveals how small firms are viewing future business prospects

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About the Small firms Division

Your Small Firms Division is dedicated to meeting the needs of all smaller legal businesses, including sole practitioners.

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andy poole headshot 140x90

Starting a new law firm – Part II. Structure

Andy Poole covers top considerations that individuals should take into account in starting a new law firm

Image of Marcus Hayes

Marcus Hayes - my niche practice firm

Marcus Hayes, managing director of Mason Hayes, tells us how he runs his niche practice as a competitive business. 

Image of Melanie Craig

Melanie Craig - my client-focussed firm

Having set up and expanded her sole practice, Melanie Craig, principal of Craig solicitors, says providing outstanding client care is the key to success.

sally azarmi 140x90

Q and A with Sally Azarmi

A Q and A with Sally Azarmi, new chair of the small firms committee, reveals exciting plans for 2016 as she sets out her priorities and introduces the small firms division engagement programme.

Tony Roe

Helping hand: Tony Roe

On setting up his own small firm

Katherine Rayden

The heat is on: Katherine Rayden

On marketing her small firm

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