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Recent Practical Support features

alison whitney 140x90

Small firms urged to follow five simple steps to thrive online

23 October 2017

Cyber security can feel daunting for a small business, which is why we’ve made the UK’s most easy-to-access guide to help them thrive online, says Alison Whitney, the NCSC’s director for Engagement.

andy poole headshot 140x90

Starting a new law firm – what do I need to consider?

23 October 2017

As specialist advisors to the legal sector, we have helped many firms to start practising.  That has particularly been the case during the past couple of years as the profession has become more niche-focused. 

Marzena Lipman

A brief summary of the SRA Handbook consultation proposals - Phase 2

23 October 2017

In late September, the SRA published  its three month consultation on the ongoing Handbook reform - Phase 2. Marzena Lipman, policy adviser, gives an overview of the consultation and encourages members to share their views on it.

michael lonergan 140x96

Price and service transparency - SRA consults

23 October 2017

In late September, the SRA opened its three month consultation on improving the availability of information for consumers. Michael Lonergan, policy adviser, gives an overview of the consultation and encourages members to share their views on it.

Karen Jackson

Why small is beautiful in an increasingly competitive legal market

5 September 2017

Founder and managing director of Didlaw Ltd, senior solicitor Karen Jackson discusses the advantages being a smaller firm brings.

Bank notes fill a washing machine

Anti-money laundering Q&As

22 May 2017

The Law Society’s Practice Advice Service can give you a helping hand. Its team of solicitors advises on practice and procedure on various subjects, including anti-money laundering.

sally azarmi cut back on overhead 140x96

Sally Azarmi: cut back on overheads

20 December 2016

Sally Azarmi, director of Azarmi & Co and chair of the Law Society’s Small Firms Committee, recommends keeping close track of business expenses

john whittle challenges small firms 140x96

Jon Whittle: what are the challenges facing small law firms?

20 December 2016

Jon Whittle shares insights on the problems facing small firms today

paul bennett better communication 140x96

Paul Bennett: stand out with better communication

20 December 2016

Paul Bennett endorses the ‘art of the telephone call’ 

john whittle challenges small firms 140x96

Jon Whittle: Lexis Nexis’ research on small law firms

20 December 2016

Jon Whittle reveals how small firms are viewing future business prospects

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About the Small firms Division

Your Small Firms Division is dedicated to meeting the needs of all smaller legal businesses, including sole practitioners.

See our 2016/17 Engagement Programme

Image of Marcus Hayes

Marcus Hayes - my niche practice firm

Marcus Hayes, managing director of Mason Hayes, tells us how he runs his niche practice as a competitive business. 

Image of Melanie Craig

Melanie Craig - my client-focussed firm

Having set up and expanded her sole practice, Melanie Craig, principal of Craig solicitors, says providing outstanding client care is the key to success.

sally azarmi 140x90

Q and A with Sally Azarmi

A Q and A with Sally Azarmi, new chair of the small firms committee, reveals exciting plans for 2016 as she sets out her priorities and introduces the small firms division engagement programme.

Tony Roe

Helping hand: Tony Roe

On setting up his own small firm

Katherine Rayden

The heat is on: Katherine Rayden

On marketing her small firm

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