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Small Firms Division

We hold an annual conference designed to support sole practitioners and small firm leaders, as well as a number of other events throughout the year. The Law Society also runs a range of webinars, seminars and conferences on all areas of law and practice.

Upcoming SFD Events

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Regulation update for small firms – Small Firms Division summer networking event (13 July, London)

Learn the top tips for handling complaints and better still how to eliminate them before they start.

Recent SFD Events


Complaints management for smaller firms (Manchester, 27 April)

Learn the top tips for handling complaints and better still how to eliminate them before they start.


Setting up shop – how to start up a small law firm (09 March 2017, Birmingham)

Are you toying with the idea of starting your own small law firm? Maybe it’s a long-held dream, or perhaps you’ve reached a turning point in your job / life? Whatever the reason or circumstance, this event will give you all the encouragement you need to take the first step. 

We round up some other Law Society on- and offline line training relevant to small firms

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Understanding Lexcel - working towards the Standard (18 May 2017, London)

With ever-increasing competitive forces and client demands, it’s vital that providers of legal services manage the quality of advice and level of client service delivered. 

Small firms division annual conference 2017, London and Leeds

These flagship conferences in London and Leeds champion the interests of small firms and sole practitioners. The events comprise a half-day of small firms-focused conference sessions, practical tips and networking opportunities.

About the Small firms Division

Your Small Firms Division is dedicated to meeting the needs of all smaller legal businesses, including sole practitioners.

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