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Brexit and the legal sector

12 July 2016

The EU referendum result will lead to a surge in demand for legal expertise and guidance. Membership communities may be affected differently and we are looking into that on your behalf.

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We commission exclusive articles designed to support small law firms and sole practices, and showcase the experiences and expertise of these businesses and the people who work in them

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Defying Conventional Wisdom

2 August 2016

Partner Jeremy Holt discusses growing and running a law firm, according to ‘conventional wisdom’.

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Working away from the office?

2 August 2016

Matthew Webb shares how you can protect your firm from cyber risks and data theft with a remote working policy.

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Private Client Section seminars: February-September 2016

These regional evening seminars have been designed by the Private Client Section advisory committee to provide solicitors with a comprehensive review of current private client issues, focusing on best practice and how practitioners can avoid pitfalls

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How to get the best out of client reviews - a breakfast booster session (15 September)

Organised by the Law Management Section, this session will consider different client feedback methods and give you ideas about the best approach to use for your practice.

Webinar: education for solicitors - what does continuing competence mean?

15 June 2016

In April 2015 the SRA announced that it would implement a new approach to continuing competence. The new approach will be implemented for all solicitors from 1 November 2016.

Webinar: cybersecurity encryption

15 June 2016

This webinar has been designed particularly for solicitors working in small law firms and will highlight the problems with using unsecured email, free cloud systems like Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive etc and sets out the requirements for law firm IT systems that managers need to be requesting from their IT suppliers.

Webinar: practical advice on increasing fee-earner productivity

15 June 2016

Join this webinar to gain practical guidance to increase productivity, and in turn increase revenue potential. 

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Pricing for profit and happier clients (24 September 2015)

15 June 2016

In one of the four webinars inclusive in 2015 Law Management Section membership, Nigel Haddon examines pricing following the Legal Services Act

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Exclusive: Free Westlaw small firm updates

We give you exclusive free access to case law and legislation updates, regulatory developments and news in a range of practice areas, through our monthly updates provided by Westlaw UK

About the Small firms Division

Your Small Firms Division is dedicated to meeting the needs of all smaller legal businesses, including sole practitioners.

See our 2015/16 Engagement Programme.

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Chancery Pii

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Dedicated to 1 to 4 partner firms, offering A+ rated or equivalent professional indemnity insurance cover from a unique panel of markets.

Small firms division annual conferences

These flagship conferences in London and Leeds champion the interests of small firms and sole practitioners. The events comprise a half-day of small firms-focused conference sessions, practical tips and networking opportunities.

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