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Inclusive Webinar: Stamp duty land tax on residential property (OnDemand)

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Learn about the recent changes to the SDLT regime for residential property. Inclusive of Property Section membership.

This webinar covers the recent changes that have been made to the stamp duty land tax (SDLT) regime, applying to residential property. Watch this webinar if you advise and assist clients on the purchase of residential property and you want a better understanding of the SDLT rules.

The session covers:

• The various SDLT rates applicable on the purchase of a single dwelling

• SDLT when purchasing more than one dwelling (including the linked transactions rule, the higher rates, multiple dwellings relief, and the granny flat exemption)

• What counts as residential property and when the residential rates do not apply

• SDLT where the purchaser is a company

• SDLT implications of buying jointly with trustees of a life interest trust 

Participants will benefit from:

• A clearer understanding of the SDLT rules applicable to the purchase of residential property; 

• Will be able to recognise the SDLT implications of more complex transactions. 

Who who will benefit from this webinar:

• Anyone who advises and assists clients on the purchase of residential property will benefit from attending this webinar. 

Speaker: Julian Moran, Director & Head of Tax, Lupton Fawcett LLP 

Included in Property Section membership

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