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Webinar: Do boundary disputes have to be 'painful'? (OnDemand)

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Minor disagreements over boundaries can quickly escalate to full-scale disputes and become very expensive to resolve. This webinar provides a practical approach focussing on early and cost effective resolution of disputes as well as guidance on understanding what is shown on plans and their significance. 

The session covers:

  • how to determine the boundary?
  • adverse possession before and after the Land Registration Act 2002
  • land Registry practice - do I need to know about the Party Wall Act 1996?
  • how to resolve the dispute-without litigation?
  • do I need an expert?
  • remedies including injunctions, declarations and how to calculate damages
  • tactics and costs

Participants will benefit by:

  • knowing what to ask the client for and how to manage their expectations
  • knowing where to look to give the right answer
  • being able to give clear advice at an early stage
  • understanding what the plan shows and its legal significance
  • having a good overview of recent case law, particularly at Court of Appeal level
  • having a realistic idea of the costs involved of each stage and how to keep these to a minimum

Who should participate:

Property lawyers, property litigators, legal executives dealing with property matters

Speaker: William Hanbury, Barrister, Exchange Chambers 

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