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Private Client Section

PS magazine November 2018 cover

Dan Harris

Back to basics: Drafting wills for overseas jurisdictionsSubscription

6 November 2018By

Daniel Harris recaps the main legal issues affecting the writing of wills to cover cross-border assets

Sarah Brodie

Loud and clearSubscription

6 November 2018Updated: 5 December 2018By

From 6 December, law firms undertaking a number of common areas of work – including probate – will need to publish price- and service-related information on their websites. Sarah Brodie looks at what this could mean in practice

Fiona Heald

Capacity confusionSubscription

6 November 2018By

Modern institutions are well-equipped to handle a person’s death. So why do so many struggle once someone has lost capacity, asks Fiona Heald

Robot hand drawing a graph - legal tech

Shock of the new

6 November 2018By

The business of death is changing, as technology alters the way people are living their lives. How long before blockchain technology, e-signatures and chatbots become common on the private client stage? What else is waiting in the wings? Grania Langdon-Down investigates

Sue Bramall

Nothing but a numberSubscription

6 November 2018By

There are now over 15 million people aged over 60 in the UK, but the marketing approach for this audience is often clichéd and outdated. Sue Bramall explains some key points to consider, and the mistakes to avoid

Person picking a digital bitcoin from a tree

Swim with the currencySubscription

6 November 2018By

The fluctuating fortunes of digital currencies and cryptocurrencies are making the headlines on a regular basis. As their popularity grows, what do practitioners need to know to advise investors and traders? Sophie Cisler presents a guide

Emma Facey

Estoppel right nowSubscription

6 November 2018By

Proprietary estoppel claims are on the rise – five relating to inheritance have reached the High Court this year alone. Emma Facey explains how to spot a claim and what to do if you do

Emma Kilburn

Leading the chargeSubscription

6 November 2018By

EU legislation requires financial advisers to disclose all costs and charges relating to their retail client recommendations. Emma Kilburn explains what to look for in investment reports to make sure your adviser is compliant

Helen Cowan

Worth it

6 November 2018By

As the cost of care rises, more and more people are attempting to safeguard their assets to avoid paying for it. But should we not start to consider care homes as an asset in themselves, and worth paying for, asks Helen Cowan

Emily Travell

Lasting legacySubscription

6 November 2018By

Emily Travell discusses her working life as a charity legacy officer

craig ward 140x96

Take control

6 November 2018By

The EU GDPR magnifies the data privacy obligations of deputies and attorneys in relation to donors and people lacking mental capacity. Craig Ward provides a guide to the new requirements

Mine of information - crane retrieving coin from mine shaft

Wealth of informationSubscription

6 November 2018By

Ben Furlong looks at some recent changes in financial governance which have meant greater access to comprehensive financial information – and could have a significant impact on private client practice

Helen Clarke

Going electricSubscription

6 November 2018By

Helen Clarke reviews a new title on the administration of digital information by fiduciaries

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