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PS magazine cover - February 2019

sheree green 140x96

Back to basics: Welfare deputyshipsSubscription

12 February 2019By

Sheree Green reviews the basics on welfare deputyships, and looks at why so few have been appointed

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James King

Seal of approvalSubscription

12 February 2019By

The Law Society has endorsed investment management firm Tavistock Law. Managing director James King discusses a new fund Tavistock has launched, well suited for private client solicitors with money in trusts or Court of Protection awards

David Mulholland

Meeting expectationsSubscription

12 February 2019By

Regulators have been taking a keener interest of late in how professional services firms protect their vulnerable clients. What level of service should you expect from financial advisers in this area? David Mulholland explains

Fiona Heald

Concerned callerSubscription

12 February 2019By

Despite the news that investigations into lasting powers of attorney are on the rise, Fiona Heald has noticed a trend in members of the public struggling to get their concerns taken seriously. Here she explains what you can do if you get a call asking for help

Road to costs recovery

The road to recoverySubscription

12 February 2019By

Stephanie Kaye provides a guide to improving the recovery of your legal costs in the Court of Protection

rachel brushfield 126x86

One of a kindSubscription

12 February 2019By

A distinctive personal brand helps you to stand out in the minds and hearts of your target audience. Rachel Brushfield explains what a personal brand is, why you need one, and how to think about your own

Matrimonial property regimes - house inside a wedding ring

Regime change

12 February 2019By ,

Many European countries have marital property regimes which govern the ownership of property between spouses. While there are no such regimes in the UK, new EU regulations will still affect British couples with property abroad. Nicole Gallop Mildon and Álvaro Aznar Azcárate explain

craig ward 140x96

Protect and serveSubscription

12 February 2019By

The GDPR aims to give the individual control over their personal data. So what happens when a beneficiary to a will or trust asks for disclosure of their data? Craig Ward considers what you can do, as a trustee or executor, to remain compliant but maintain client confidentiality


Burial rightsSubscription

12 February 2019By

From organising a ‘green’ burial to handling family disputes over ashes, Amy Berry discusses some of the complex issues that can arise in the aftermath of a person’s death

Daphne Perry

Writing wrongs

12 February 2019By

Daphne Perry offers some simple writing techniques to improve client service and business returns

Robert Hunter

Fraud buster

12 February 2019By

Robert Hunter is an internationally acclaimed trusts, fraud and asset-tracing solicitor with over 35 years’ experience. He is also profoundly deaf. He discusses what law firms could do better dealing with colleagues with sensory disabilities

Property claims - hands reaching out towards a house

So you claimSubscription

12 February 2019By

Tom Dumont rounds up the latest claims brought under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975, including by cohabitees, spouses and young children

Fiona Heald

Speaking from experienceSubscription

12 February 2019By

Fiona Heald shares her frustration that solicitors’ knowledge and experience seems to count for less these days in the eyes of the public

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