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LDD launch project #MainstreamDisability

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We are launching our #MainstreamDisability project at the LDD October Conference on 27 October this year! Find out more about the conference .

What is #MainstreamDisability ?

It’s a project with the Lawyers with Disabilities Division and the Law Society with three key aims:

  • Promote awareness of the impact that disability has on identity
  • Discuss the impact of disability on mental health
  • Encourage firms to move beyond ‘adjustments’ to ‘inclusion’.

Why is #MainstreamDisability important?

Many of us will have at some point tried to ‘pass’ as more “able-bodied or minded”, whether you learnt to make eye-contact or practised the best way to shake hands.

These little coping mechanisms may seem a harmless way to ‘fit in’ but they can be tiring.
We must contend with certain challenges, when to disclose our disabilities and make disability more visible and when to ‘pass’ and give society the impression of more ‘able-bodiedness.’

The choice, to be or not to be ‘disabled’, has important implications for the way we think about disability and identity in the workplace.

Who should be involved?

Almost everyone, that’s why we want to run this project!

  • It is estimated that one in four people in England will experience some kind of mental health problem in any given year.
  • The number of people in Britain aged over 65 outnumbers those under 16, we have an aging, working population. This group are more likely to have some kind of disability.
  • Plus all of us that come under the legal definition of disability too!

It’s not just on us!

Organisations tend to require disclosure before an individual can have the option on ‘reasonable adjustments’ but what if many of these adjustments were just options, offered to everyone and available to all!

If you have a story that is related to our #MainstreamDisability project please email us project and find out more about the LDD October conference on 27 October this year! 



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