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New mentoring scheme: applications open

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The Law Society is launching an exciting national mentoring programme for practising solicitors.

We know women, members of ethnic minorities, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and disabled solicitors are under-represented at the top of the legal profession and we want to help their career progression.

Research with our members suggests many of these solicitors would value working with a mentor.

We have asked Brook Graham, diversity and inclusion specialists, to manage the mentoring programme on behalf of the Law Society.

What’s needed from mentors and mentees?

We’re asking you to make a 12-month commitment. We’d like you to meet each other about once a month, preferably face-to-face, but there’s flexibility once you’ve established a relationship.

We’re looking for supportive mentors who are open to sharing their experience and ideas. Mentees are keen to learn and develop and we’d like you to be receptive and open to ideas.

We’ll provide a full briefing and training to solicitors who are taking part in the programme.

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Benefits of Membership*

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The Law Management Section will provide you with support, advice, networking opportunities and enable the sharing of best practice with peers.

The current Section Engagement Programme has been created in consultation with the Section Committee

These issues will be addressed through a range of activities including: Webinars, Magazines, Regional Forums, Seminars, a Conference, Website, E-newsletters and a LinkedIn Group.

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