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Government announces major changes to employment law

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The government today published its Good Work Plan: its vision for the future of the UK labour market. 

Law Society president Christina Blacklaws said: ’We called for laws that would prevent workers from being underpaid, overworked or mistreated – measures published today should go a long way towards delivering that.

’The gig economy has had a dramatic impact not only on how people work, but also on how employers interact with those who work for them.

’Until now companies have been able, intentionally or not, to use loopholes and the lack of clarity in the law to undermine workers’ rights.

’Clearer legal definitions of employees, workers and contractors will enable people to understand their rights more easily. A day one statement of rights will make pay and leave entitlements explicit for every worker, regardless of their hours or shift pattern.

’Agency workers can now be confident that they have a legally enforceable right to be treated and paid equally to colleagues employed directly by the employer.’

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