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Better Employment Law report cover

Law Society responds to Independent Review of Employment Practices in the Modern Economy

21 June 2017

The Law Society has called for an independent government inspector to enforce workplace rights, employment statuses and rights to be clearly defined in a single piece of law, and for large employers to report publicly on their employment practices

Open door

Law Society publishes recruitment advice to promote social mobility

26 February 2016Updated: 15 March 2016

We have published advice on recruitment practices to promote social mobility in the solicitors’ profession. The advice was developed in response to demand from solicitors for more information on how to implement recruitment practices that promote fair and equal access to the profession for trainees from all backgrounds


Law Society publishes guidance on 'Continuing Competence'

4 February 2016

The Law Society has published guidance for solicitors to help them adapt to the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s new learning and development regime, known as ‘Continuing Competence’

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Law Society recommends minimum salary for trainee solicitors

11 November 2015

The Law Society is recommending a minimum salary of £20,276 in London and £18,183 outside of London


Law Society publishes equal pay guidance for law firms

11 November 2015

The Law Society has published an equal pay toolkit, designed for partners, human resources professionals and anyone involved with the management of a law firm


Law Society updates CPD practice note

2 October 2015

The current CPD system is being replaced by the continuing competence scheme. Our updated practice note explains the transitional arrangements and gives advice on how to get the most from your CPD activities

diversity and inclusion mentoring scheme logo

New mentoring scheme: applications open

20 August 2015Updated: 3 September 2015

The Law Society is launching a mentoring programme for practising solicitors from under-represented groups and is inviting solicitors who would like to be mentors or mentees to apply.

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Career satisfaction report 2015 published

19 February 2015Updated: 12 March 2015

In October 2014, the Law Society conducted a career satisfaction survey. The research found that, overall, solicitors find their careers highly rewarding, with the majority feeling that their work contributes to the success of their organisation, and that they are valued in their role

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mike scott 140x94

Upwards and onwardsSubscription

4 July 2017By

Much is written about influencing others, but usually in relation to our team members, clients or peers. Less is written about influencing up: an essential skill for our own career development. Mike Scott outlines four simple tips

Barry Wilkinson

To the purposeSubscription

4 July 2017By

Do you know what your firm’s purpose is? How about your own? Do they match? Could your or your firm’s purpose be holding you back? Barry Wilkinson argues for the central role of purpose in competing, and ensuring your survival, in the current marketplace

Gary Richards

Give to receiveSubscription

4 July 2017By

If lawyers assign legal work and the results don’t meet their expectations, they often blame the people they assigned it to. But, says Gary Richards, the issue often lies with how the work was assigned: the initial conversation and the process following it

alison downie 140x94

Detective workSubscription

4 July 2017By

The recent high-profile case law around workers’ rights could have a direct impact on law firms which employ self-employed consultants or contractors. Alison Downie explains how to assess whether your consultants are workers, and what you need to do if they are

michelle parry slater 140x96

Playing for keeps

11 April 2017By

The evidence shows that employee loyalty is a thing of the past. If you want to attract and retain talent in your business, and thereby build a productive workforce and compete effectively, learning and development are key, says Michelle Parry-Slater

fishes in the sea 1000x1000

The good fightSubscription

10 February 2017By

Most of us shy away from conflict, and when we are involved, it’s often not productive, damaging relationships and the effectiveness of our teams. Julian Hall explains how to avoid unnecessary conflict, and approach necessary conflict in a productive way

path with cpd sign 1000x1000

Live and learn

31 January 2017By

The continuing competence regime has now been compulsory for just over two months. Diana Bentley talks to the regulator, firms and industry experts about how the change is being implemented in practice

people power

People powerSubscription

31 January 2017By ,

The legal recruitment market is changing in every way – employers, employees and clients. How can you attract and keep the people you need to build a thriving business? Nicola Jones and Jane Green-Armytage explain

bright future 140x96

A bright future

8 November 2016By

A range of challenges face partners looking to plan effectively for their retirement in the current volatile marketplace. Mark Waddilove looks at the options, and which to choose at different stages of your retirement planning

networking 1000

Better togetherSubscription

2 August 2016By

Networking, both internally and externally, is often dreaded by legal professionals. But if you do it effectively, you and your firm will reap the rewards, says Anne Waldron

coaching graphic 1000

You can do itSubscription

2 August 2016By

Coaching as a business tool continues to grow in popularity. Louise Palmer explains how it can be used effectively in managing lawyers, and provides a number of practical techniques to help you develop a successful coaching relationship

office space

Moving with the times

2 August 2016By

Lucy Trevelyan looks at recent trends in the use of office space in law firms and beyond – including agile working, shoring and activity-based working – and examines the drivers for change, plus the benefits and possible pitfalls

christina blacklaws 1000x1000

Ringing the changes

2 August 2016By

In conversation with Elizabeth Noone, Christina Blacklaws reflects on her new role as deputy vice president of the Law Society, and discusses effective leadership and pressing issues for the profession


Five business development options that don’t involve networking

29 June 2016By

A lawyer’s career hinges on their ability to win work. Douglas McPherson suggests five alternative options for those that don’t like formal networking


The importance of effective internal communication

29 June 2016By

Effective internal communication will reap dividends over time. Rachel Brushfield explains the role it plays in building employee engagement.

Nicola Jones

The final countdownSubscription

6 May 2016By ,

The changes to continuing professional development will be mandatory from 1 November 2016. Nicola Jones and Jane Green-Armytage look at how firms are responding, and the pros and cons of adapting the old regime versus embracing a competency-based approach

Sally Azarmi

Running for my lifeSubscription

6 May 2016By

Sally Azarmi began training for the London Marathon last year, despite never having run competitively before, and having a painful condition in one leg. And the training taught her more about running her law firm than she ever could have expected

barry vitou 140x96

A gentle nudgeSubscription

6 May 2016By

Why don’t most compliance programmes work in practice? Because the traditional theory on which they are based doesn’t take into account how people really behave. Barry Vitou looks at what we can learn from a more recent approach: nudge theory

darryl cooke 140x96

Gunning for successSubscription

6 May 2016By

With a distinguished career as a law firm partner behind him, Darryl Cooke co-founded a law firm, gunnercooke, on an innovative new model. He explains to Duncan Wood how the firm is challenging the way that legal services are delivered 

joanne hunter 140x96

The test of timeSubscription

6 May 2016By

Joanne Hunter outlines how making three small changes to how your fee-earners value, manage and record their time could make your firm more than £111,000 extra per year for every one of your fee-earners

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