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Law Society publishes new report on LASPOSubscription

4 July 2017

The report includes 25 recommendations to government, focusing on issues including increasing children’s access to legal aid, reintroducing legal aid for early advice, and improving Exceptional Case Funding and the legal aid means test

Financial Benchmarking Survey: last call for submissions

5 December 2016

The deadline has been extended to Monday, 12 December.

Measuring tape

New Law Society blog on the Financial Benchmarking Survey 2016

15 April 2016

The results of the Law Society Law Management Section’s 2016 Financial Benchmarking Survey have recently been published. Andy Harris provides an overview.

calculator and coins

Law Society comments on LSB report on prices of legal services

6 April 2016

Chief executive Catherine Dixon welcomed the report but highlighted the need for a consistent level of protection for consumers, no matter who is providing the legal service

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Law Society consults on third party managed accounts

23 March 2016

Our consultation exercise will help us refine our policy position on alternatives to client accounts and will inform discussions with the SRA and the Legal Services Board


SRA to review Handbook and Accounts Rules - have your say

10 February 2016

SRA set to review the Accounts Rules this spring - let us have your views to form our policy position


Financial Benchmarking Survey shows most firms weathered a challenging year

9 February 2016

The income of firms polled in the 2016 Law Society Law Management Section (LMS) Financial Benchmarking Survey has increased for a sixth consecutive year, with a median rise last year of 5.4 per cent, despite a challenging year


Practice note issued on protecting your firm if you fall victim to a scam

21 August 2015Updated: 3 September 2015

The Law Society has published a practice note aimed at helping law firms recover if they have fallen victim to a client account scam

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steve deutsch black and white

Four steps to improve your firm’s cash flow in 2018

5 January 2018By

A recent survey has revealed that over half of Britain’s SMEs are owed nearly £45 billion in late payments, placing severe strain on working capital. Steve Deutsch outlines some simple steps that small businesses - law firms included - can take now to bolster their balance sheets.

Andrew Otterburn

Made to measureSubscription

10 October 2017By

In your financial reporting, do you focus on fees and hours? If so, you’re missing a trick, according to Andrew Otterburn. Focusing on gross profit can help you with everything from gearing to pricing, and productivity to teamwork. 

zoe holland 140x94

Up close and personalSubscription

4 July 2017By

With fixed recoverable costs looming on the horizon, personal injury firms and departments must make a decision: adapt to survive, or stop practising in this volatile area. Zoe Holland looks at the options

mark waddilove 140x96

Taking shapeSubscription

11 April 2017By

Getting your business structure right will help you with everything from achieving your goals and attracting external investment, to inspiring your people and planning for succession. Mark Waddilove outlines how to make the bests decision for your business

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Quick fix?

11 April 2017By

Fixed fees are favoured by clients, and increasingly seen as a competitive differentiator. But putting them in place and managing them effectively can be complex. Jenny Beck provides a beginner’s guide to managing in a fixed-fee environment

Barry Wilkinson

Crunch timeSubscription

31 January 2017By

Recent media reports of firms punishing fee-earners for not effectively recording their time have raised questions of why time capture is so important for law firms. Barry Wilkinson argues the case

fish hook catching money 1000x1000

The big catch

31 January 2017By ,

Tendering for legal work is more common than ever for small to medium-sized law firms. Steph Hogg explains how to handle the bidding process, and Sarah Barrett -Vane outlines the specifics for public sector tendering.

jigsaw heart being pulled away by a hand

Heart of the matterSubscription

8 November 2016By

If you are looking to merge or be acquired, you need to understand your firm’s value, and maximise it by effective planning and due diligence. Grania Langdon-Down talks to the experts

john playfair 140x96

Working wondersSubscription

8 November 2016By

Healthy working capital is fundamental to the financial success of any business. John Playfair looks at how firms can improve financial stability by taking a proactive approach to managing working capital

ann harrison 140x96

In the Manager's Chair: Spinning platesSubscription

8 November 2016By

Duncan Wood talks to Ann Harrison, chairwoman of Stephensons and member of the Law Management Section committee, about juggling multiple roles, presiding over a period of impressive organic growth, and making plans for the future

bright future 140x96

A bright future

8 November 2016By

A range of challenges face partners looking to plan effectively for their retirement in the current volatile marketplace. Mark Waddilove looks at the options, and which to choose at different stages of your retirement planning

pound coins

Financial pressures: identifying financial distress and evaluating your options (12 September 2016)

30 August 2016

The webinar will provide practical guidance for effective management of financial pressures. 

jason mitchell 140x96

All above boardSubscription

2 August 2016By

The SRA Code of Conduct obliges law firms to ensure their fees are transparent to their clients. Firms must not be seen to generate secret profits. Jason Mitchell looks at how to maintain compliance

charles christian 140x96

Big thinkingSubscription

2 August 2016By

Big data isn’t about sheer volume of data – it’s about how to use the data available to make effective business-critical decisions. As Charles Christian explains, it can help you to understand your business better, recognise trends and improve performance

joanne hunter 140x96

The test of timeSubscription

6 May 2016By

Joanne Hunter outlines how making three small changes to how your fee-earners value, manage and record their time could make your firm more than £111,000 extra per year for every one of your fee-earners

llp 1000x1000

Taking shapeSubscription

6 May 2016By ,

Patricia Kinahan and Andrew Allen discuss the relative merits of an LLP and a limited company – or both – as trading structures for law firms, and how to make the best decision for your business

Andy Harris

How do you do?Subscription

10 February 2016By

The Law Management Section’s 2016 Financial Benchmarking Survey suggests a generally positive outlook, but, warns Andy Harris, some firms may be slipping back into bad habits 

resolve landscape

A flying startSubscription

10 February 2016By

What are your new year’s resolutions for your business in 2016? Top of the list should be analysing and managing profitability, according to John Playfair . He provides his top five tips for improving law firm profits, to ensure you realise your full potential

Barry Wilkinson

Fund of informationSubscription

10 February 2016By

Lending to law firms has changed significantly in recent years, from the old traditional funding market, to a ‘new norm’ with a more sophisticated range of products to suit different parts of the sector. Barry Wilkinson investigates.


Emergency exit Subscription

3 November 2015By

With firms feeling increasingly squeezed from all sides, it may seem tempting to divest yourself of underperforming practice areas. But getting it wrong could just make things worse. Grania Langdon-Down looks at the dos and don’ts

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