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£3bn bill for ‘no-deal’ Brexit

24 August 2018Updated: 20 September 2018

Almost £3bn could be stripped from legal sector turnover by 2025 if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal according to economic forecasts released by the Law Society.

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Legal consumers report satisfaction - but still won't shop around

15 August 2018Updated: 19 September 2018

Efforts to persuade legal services consumers to shop around for their lawyer appear to be making little headway. 

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We need you! Can you help us with upcoming articles on diversification and remuneration?

17 January 2018

Would you be interested in being interviewed by a journalist on either topic and sharing your experiences with other Section members?

wild west

Uneven legal playing field recipe for consumer confusion

28 September 2017

Proposals for sweeping changes to the solicitor rulebook would create a wild west marketplace for legal services. 

financial benchmarking survey 2016 cover image 390x235

Financial Benchmarking Survey 2016/7 open for contributions!

17 May 2016

The survey is now open for contributions

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Get expert LinkedIn guidance – for free!

14 April 2016

The Law Management Section offers a Section member the amazing opportunity of free LinkedIn tuition

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The Future of Legal Services report published

2 February 2016

The Law Society has published a report on the future of legal services

Law Society Campaign image

Use our campaign to promote your business

1 September 2014Updated: 5 November 2014

The Law Society’s consumer-facing campaign, designed to support solicitors and the legal profession, launched on 1 September

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Compete - climbing towards flag at top of mountain

Onwards and upwards

9 April 2019By

Accountancy firms of all sizes are looking to build up their legal offerings. But will this challenge mid-sized law firms, or drive new ways of working together? And what effect will proposed regulatory changes have? Grania Langdon-Down investigates

Sue Bramall

Pick and choose

2 April 2019By

What’s the right option for marketing in your firm? Should you have a marketing committee or make a single partner responsible? Should you appoint internally, recruit or outsource? Sue Bramall provides her top tips

Lawyer and client with four icons above (crown, arrow in center of target, graph showing growth, and a thumbs up)

The client is king

15 January 2019By

How can you kickstart your firm’s growth in 2019? Emma Massingham offers a five-step plan for success through focusing on your targets and clients

Barry Wilkinson

Choice morsels

8 June 2018By

Barry Wilkinson reviews a recent book on how to become the firm of choice, which takes the innovative approach of presenting its lessons through a case study of a firm wanting to make radical change

larry cattle

Sliced and diced

16 January 2018By

Larry Cattle looks at the value of small insights gained from research with your potential and current clients, and how it can make a big difference to client attraction and retention

Susan Hallam

The highest bidder?Subscription

16 January 2018By

Pay-per-click advertising is now a key part of marketing for law firms, but should you also consider bidding on your competitors’ keywords? Susan Hallam looks at the benefits and risks

joe reevy 140x94

Piece of cake

4 July 2017By

Many law firms focus far more on winning new clients – getting a bigger slice of the cake – than getting new business from existing clients – baking a bigger cake. Joe Reevy explains how to use customer relationship management to build an effective cross-selling process for your firm

kate adam 140x96

On a roll Subscription

11 April 2017By

So your firm has won an award? Great news, but don’t stop there. By taking the right steps now, you can capitalise on your win and make it work for you for years to come. Kate Adam provides a step-by-step guide to using an award win as a marketing tool

gavin ward 140x96

Window of opportunity

11 April 2017By

Gavin Ward explains how firms can use their websites and online presence to grow the reputation of their solicitors, practice areas and sector groups, acquire new clients from the internet, and ultimately succeed online

annaliese fiehn

The main eventSubscription

31 January 2017By

Events can help you promote your firm to new and existing clients, and build relationships – but only if you do it well. Annaliese Fiehn provides her top tips for planning an event

Sue Bramall

Site for sore eyesSubscription

31 January 2017By ,

If you’re looking to relaunch your firm’s website, or develop a site for a new firm, you need to know the common pitfalls to avoid, to give you the best chance of success. Sue Bramall and Peter Wright offer some real-life cautionary tales

ann harrison 140x96

In the Manager's Chair: Spinning platesSubscription

8 November 2016By

Duncan Wood talks to Ann Harrison, chairwoman of Stephensons and member of the Law Management Section committee, about juggling multiple roles, presiding over a period of impressive organic growth, and making plans for the future

hand grabbing phones

Turning the conversationSubscription

8 November 2016By

From social media to review sites, there are conversations going on out there about your business. You need to know how to react when one of those turns negative, so you can avoid lasting damage to your online reputation. David Gilroy explains

Picture of Jeremy Holt

Defying conventional wisdom

30 August 2016

Partner Jeremy Holt discusses growing and running a law firm, according to ‘conventional wisdom’.

gavin ward 140x96

Spread the word

2 August 2016By

Law firms are increasingly recognising the value of content marketing to showcase their expertise, but there is no point writing great content if it cannot be found by potential clients. Gavin Ward provides his 10 top tips for effective online content distribution

Barry Wilkinson

Hero of our timeSubscription

2 August 2016By

In an increasingly competitive market, legal businesses need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. One option, especially for high street and full-service firms, is to aim to become a ‘local hero’ business. Barry Wilkinson explains

christina blacklaws 1000x1000

Ringing the changes

2 August 2016By

In conversation with Elizabeth Noone, Christina Blacklaws reflects on her new role as deputy vice president of the Law Society, and discusses effective leadership and pressing issues for the profession


Five business development options that don’t involve networking

29 June 2016By

A lawyer’s career hinges on their ability to win work. Douglas McPherson suggests five alternative options for those that don’t like formal networking

power button

The PSC register: what legal practice managers need to know

29 June 2016By

The requirement for a register of ‘persons with significant control’ came into force on 6 April 2016. Alison Matthews explains what you need to know

llp1 1000

First things first

6 May 2016By

A clear understanding of your firm’s brand – at its simplest, what it sells, to whom, and why – is an essential first step in ensuring you deploy your marketing resource effectively to win the business you want. Ben Kamble explains

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