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What to wear at work

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First impressions last and presentation is key element to carrying yourself with confidence. Junior solicitor Jude Perkins offers her top style tips for maintaining a professional air.

  1. Figure out how to work that iron: Creased shirts are an absolute no-no. There is no excuse!
  2. Make sure it fits: Don’t reject a great suit just because the fit isn’t quite right. Have it altered to ensure that perfect fit. Usually the store can do this for you, or find a good tailor. Don’t be tempted to do a stitch-up job yourself unless you’re a sewing whizz; it will backfire.
  3. Beware of being over-formal: As a general rule, men should avoid black suits. It can look too formal for the office environment. Women can be a bit more adventurous with colour, usually because there is more choice available.
  4. Make a splash: why not inject some colour? Black and white can sometimes appear a bit too corporate.
  5. Don’t go overboard: Mixing patterns, for example stripes and florals, can be a recipe for disaster. Proceed with caution.
  6. Pay attention to detail: If you are wearing a shirt, approximately half an inch of the shirt cuffs should be visible past your suit jacket sleeves.
  7. Less is more: Men, novelty ties are banned! If you are desperate to add a touch of personality, cufflinks are a safer option.
  8. Shoes make all the difference : Hobbling into a meeting does not give a good first impression. When it comes to shoes, go for comfort as well as appearance. All shoes should of course be polished to perfection. You’d be surprised how often clients notice scuffed and scruffy footwear.
  9. Handle with care: Your suits will last longer if you treat them nicely. Try to avoid dumping them in a heap on the floor when you get home, no matter how keen you are to leave the working day behind.
  10. Express yourself: Finally, don’t be afraid to inject a bit of personality into your business wardrobe. Clients like to know there is a person under there, not just a corporate machine.

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