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Junior Lawyers Division

Students and paralegals

Top tips for LPC paralegals

18 February 2015

Akeela Bharuchi highlights ways for LPC paralegals to maximise their opportunities.

How LinkedIn can be used to best effect for law job seekers

2 November 2014Updated: 5 February 2015

Claire Cavanagh, Associate Director at EJ Legal, provides a wealth of top tips to help you get noticed and tick the recruiter’s boxes.

Training contract troubleshooting: practical guidance on starting your training contract

4 August 2014Updated: 4 March 2015

Emma Dickinson, a JLD representative on the Law Society Council, offers practical guidance on starting your training contract, including negotiating terms and conditions, keeping your trainee diary up to date and other regulatory requirements you need to observe

Should the LPC come with a health warning?

6 July 2014Updated: 5 February 2015

The search for a training contract can be a long and difficult journey to embark upon for the majority of graduates and career changers. Tamasin Dorosti investigates.

Finding a training contract

27 June 2014Updated: 2 February 2015

Finding a contract can be a difficult and daunting experience: competition for training places is fierce - so where do you start?

Data collection: don’t ask don’t tell

1 May 2014Updated: 5 February 2015

Emma Dickinson looks into the difficulty getting data on qualification and employment rates for LPC and GDL graduates

Legal aid: the need to campaign

17 March 2014Updated: 3 February 2015


Aspiring Solicitors: committed to increasing diversity throughout the legal profession

4 March 2014Updated: 4 March 2015

Founded by former Norton Rose Fulbright corporate solicitor, Chris White, Aspiring Solicitors is a unique organisation committed to increasing diversity throughout the legal profession.

How do you choose the right LPC for you?

5 September 2013Updated: 4 February 2015

A lack of clear information about the choices on offer makes choosing the right LPC a tricky business. Emma Dickinson from the JLD executive committee, investigates.

The hard work of building soft skills

6 March 2013Updated: 2 February 2015

‘Soft’ or ‘people’ skills are as crucial to establishing a legal career as top qualifications or intelligence. The importance of these latter attributes has long been emphasised, but raw legal competence alone is not enough to become a successful lawyer.

Would you have taken the LPC if you'd known how few training contracts there are?

16 October 2012Updated: 4 February 2015

Mark Pentecost writes about the availability of training contracts and the thoughts and views of the JLD community on getting a contract.

Seven steps to social media heaven for junior lawyers

11 September 2012Updated: 2 February 2015

Using social media can provide an important boost for your career. Read out top tips

Rise of the paralegal

30 July 2012Updated: 2 February 2015

Alex Aldridge explores the growing number of paralegals providing legal services and how it may affect the future landscape of the profession.

Advice for undergraduates - financial considerations

8 March 2012Updated: 3 February 2015

Studying to be a solicitor is expensive - find out the facts.

Vacation placements: vital experience for law students

27 February 2012Updated: 2 February 2015

Vacation placements are an ideal way to find out whether the law is right for you and the type of firm that will suit you best. If reading law at university you should try and secure a scheme during the summer before your final year. If reading other subjects you should apply for a scheme during the summer following your third year.

Acculaw's new training contract recruitment model - innovative or short sighted?

18 September 2011Updated: 3 February 2015

Grace Cowling, a member of the JLD executive, reviews the Acculaw trainee recruitment model and assesses the implications for junior lawyers and the profession.

Communication skills

4 August 2010Updated: 18 February 2015

What makes a strong communicator? Trainee solicitor Helen Morris provides her top tips for good communication at work.

Work-based learning: the case against

25 June 2010Updated: 3 February 2015

In answer to Helen Morris’s article in support of the the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s pilot scheme for work based learning as a new route to qualification, Beth Wanono looks at the arguments against the proposal.

The case for qualifying through work-based learning

25 June 2010Updated: 3 February 2015

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is in the process of conducting a pilot scheme for work-based learning - a new route to qualification as a solicitor. In this article, trainee solicitor Helen Morris writes in support of the proposal.

Making effective presentations

4 June 2010Updated: 18 February 2015

Do your presentation skills need a brush up? Junior lawyer Annalisa Checchi shares her top ten pointers.

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