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How LinkedIn can be used to best effect for law job seekers

2 November 2014Updated: 5 February 2015

Claire Cavanagh, Associate Director at EJ Legal, provides a wealth of top tips to help you get noticed and tick the recruiter’s boxes.

Legal aid: the need to campaign

17 March 2014Updated: 3 February 2015


The law firm of the future

6 December 2013Updated: 4 March 2015

Founded by former Norton Rose Fulbright corporate solicitor, Chris White, Aspiring Solicitors is a unique organisation committed to increasing diversity throughout the legal profession.

Seven steps to social media heaven for junior lawyers

11 September 2012Updated: 2 February 2015

Using social media can provide an important boost for your career. Read out top tips

Communication skills

4 August 2010Updated: 18 February 2015

What makes a strong communicator? Trainee solicitor Helen Morris provides her top tips for good communication at work.

How to excel at work

4 June 2010Updated: 18 February 2015

What does your employer really expect from you? Judith Perkins gives us the lowdown on how to be a fantastic employee

Making effective presentations

4 June 2010Updated: 18 February 2015

Do your presentation skills need a brush up? Junior lawyer Annalisa Checchi shares her top ten pointers.

Handling interviews

12 November 2009Updated: 18 February 2015

Interviews can be nerve-wracking for all of us. Leanne Howard shares her strategies for being a great interviewee.

Getting involved in pro bono

3 September 2009Updated: 4 March 2015

Are you ready to get involved with a pro bono project? Have a look at the JLD committee’s top tips for getting started.

Working in-house

1 September 2009Updated: 30 January 2015

Working in-house is an increasingly attractive option as the remuneration packages close the gap with private practice, so what are the key questions for graduates and newly qualified solicitors to consider before making the move? Grania Longdon-down investigates.

Conducting legal research

12 May 2009Updated: 18 February 2015

Committee member Katie Rich shares her pointers for getting the most from your research

What to wear at work

1 April 2009Updated: 18 February 2015

First impressions last and presentation is key element to carrying yourself with confidence. Junior solicitor Jude Perkins offers her top style tips for maintaining a professional air.

Getting the best out of networking

13 March 2009Updated: 18 February 2015

Networking is about gaining a social edge. It’s about turning a first encounter with a stranger into a business relationship with a trusted acquaintance. Helen Morris shares her top tips on developing your own network.

Finding a training contract with a small firm

13 March 2009Updated: 4 March 2015

Are you thinking about training with a smaller firm? Jennie Patrick shares her tips on getting a foot in the door.

Double dip thrills and spills that could transform legal profession

3 March 2009Updated: 2 February 2015

Alex Aldridge, editor of, explores the current economic climate and the effect this has had upon the legal profession and the recruitment of junior lawyers.

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