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Junior Lawyers Division

greg smith 100x100

Using a civil standard of proof for quasi-criminal sanctions doesn’t give solicitors a sporting chance

17 June 2019By

I don’t commonly use sporting metaphors, but it’s difficult to describe the pending Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal’s application to the Legal Services Board as anything but an open goal.

James Kitching

Retaking control of the lawtech in our lives

15 May 2019By James Kitching

The Junior Lawyers Division recently released the results from its annual resilience and wellbeing survey. As with previous years, they make grim reading.

kayleigh leonie 3750x2500

Is positive discrimination the answer to making the legal profession more diverse?

15 April 2019By Kayleigh Leonie

While the legal profession is making steady progress at becoming more diverse, it is not yet representative of the demographic of society.

kayleigh leonie 3750x2500

Are employers doing enough to support junior lawyers’ wellbeing in the workplace?

12 April 2019By Kayleigh Leonie

Over the last three years, the JLD has focused on supporting junior lawyers experiencing mental ill-health and stress at work.

manda banerji 325x250

Mind the gap - 100 years of women in law

22 March 2019By Manda Banerji

As a female junior solicitor, it is strange to think that 2019 will mark 100 years since women were first allowed to practice law, by the introduction of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919.

Adam Hattersley and James Kitching networking at the AIJA conference

AIJA annual congress 2018

28 February 2019By James Kitching, Adam Hattersley

In August last year, two members of the Junior Lawyers Division executive committee, Adam Hattersley and James Kitching, attended the International Young Lawyers’ Congress’s (AIJA) annual conference in Brussels.

Nicola Wilding

How to be resilient when applying for training contracts

18 February 2019By Nicola Wilding

Nicola Wilding, associate at DLA Piper, discusses resilience and dealing with rejection.

prisca wharton 300x200

What is social mobility and what more can junior lawyers do to help?

21 January 2019By Prisca Wharton

An associate from CMS looks at social mobility in the legal profession.

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