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The Law Society hosted a delegation from Turkey to discuss legal aid practices

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Under the agenda of exploring best practices for legal aid across Europe, London was the delegation’s fourth visit

On 26 April, Law Society Vice-President Joe Egan welcomed a delegation of representatives from the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (UTBA), the Istanbul Bar and the Turkish Ministry of Justice to the Law Society. 

The delegation’s visit to London was undertaken within the framework of a Twinning Project on Strengthening the Legal Aid Practices in Turkey which started in June 2016. The Ministry of Justice and the UTBA are the co-beneficiaries of the project which is being conducted by a consortium of Spain, Lithuania and France.

The project aims to compare the legal aid systems in certain EU member states and to take part in study visits to the selected countries. Law Society experts briefed the delegates on different aspects of civil and criminal legal aid in the UK, including recent changes and challenges.

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