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The present legal system of the People's Republic of China began its development in the late 1970's and so, by global standards, the modern Chinese legal profession came into being relatively recently. Despite this late start, China now has at least 200,000 lawyers working in approximately 17,000 domestic law firms.

While its current legislation reflects a structural similarity to countries like Germany and France, in recent years, China has started to adopt some principles and institutions along the lines of a common law system.


How to practise in China

Find out all you need to know about practising in China

Vice President Christina Blacklaws talking to attendees of the UK-China Rule of Law Roundtable

Vice President gives speech at the 2nd UK-China Rule of Law Roundtable

13 November 2017By Catherine Brims

Christina Blacklaws comments on our collaboration with China and rule of law in the digital age

A photo of the Law Society of England and Wales' President, Joe Egan with Mr Zhang Mingqi, Vice-President of the China Law Society

Meeting with the China Law Society

8 November 2017By Catherine Brims

The Law Society discusses opportunities in second tier cities

Photo of the Doing Legal Business between the UK and China panel speakers

Doing Legal Business between the UK and Chinese second tier cities

6 October 2017Updated: 6 October 2017By Catherine Brims

Opening up new markets in China to members 

45 years of UK-China relations: dialogue on the rule of law must be strengthened alongside the UK’s increasing trade interests

13 April 2017By Lizzette Robleto de Howarth

A blog on the discussions held at the reception to celebrate 45 years of UK-China relations. 

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Doing legal business in ChinaSubscription

14 March 2016

Our series of Doing legal business reports provides an overview and guide to doing legal business in key international markets.

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    12 March 2018

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    18 May 2015

    Hu Bingmei, part of our Chinese delegation for International Marketplace 2015, tells us about her legal life in Shenzhen and the secrets to doing business there.

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    Legal Life in... Shanghai

    18 May 2015Updated: 18 May 2015

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    23 February 2015

    Matthew Townsend at the China Britain Law Institute (CBLI) shares his views about his Legal life in Beijing and Hong Kong.

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