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Spain is a decentralised constitutional monarchy with the ninth largest economy in the world. Its legal system is based on the Civil Law tradition. Spain is home to over 122,000 practising Abogados and has a sophisticated legal services market with important centres in Madrid and Barcelona.

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How to practise in Spain

19 September 2014By Julie Mamou

Find out all you need to know about practising in Spain

CCBE newsletter - October

31 October 2017

The 66th CCBE newsletter is out - read more about the following topics: Proposed European Convention on the profession of lawyer

castilla la mancha

Castilla la Mancha - Prime business location in Spain

18 October 2017

Attend the event at the Spanish embassy and network with the regional government to find our more

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How to verify a European lawyer?

13 October 2017

Use the European e-justice portal to find or identify lawyers from the EU and the EEA 

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Brexit and the legal services sector in the EU

13 October 2017

An overview of the UK legal service sector in the current European market place and potential changes post-Brexit

08 gp intestacy rules in germany 725x1024

If a British Testator relocates to Europe…

2 October 2017

Find out more about the overlooked problem related to inheritance laws of Germany, France and many other European countries

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Your contacts for this region are Virag Martin and Katharina Kirchberger

virag martin

International Policy Adviser: Europe

Katharina Kirchberger

International Policy Assistant: Europe and CIS