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Attend the IBA Europe-Caucasus-Asia (ECA) Forum 2017

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Registration is now open for the IBA Europe-Caucasus-Asia (ECA) Forum 2017, taking place in London from 6 - 8 September 2017.  

The IBA Europe-Caucasus-Asia (ECA) Forum (former CIS Local Counsel) has become a linchpin between Asia and Europe. The ECA Forum has introduced lawyers from around the world to the post-Soviet region for over a decade, offering its delegates fantastic cultural programmes with numerous networking events every year. Following outbound investments from evolving countries, the ECA Forum is moving to London in 2017.

The IBA ECA Forum will gather leading professionals, officials and other participants interested in the development of legal practice in the CIS region.  The formal part of the Forum will focus on the following topics: 

  • Planning and resolving construction disputes in the ECA region
  • Business going online - new possibilities for e-commerce projects
  • The role of the legal profession in building a corruption-free environment
  • Law firm management: How to feel ‘at home’ on the global stage
  • Sector group management, practices and administrative challenges
  • Tackling intercultural challenges…talking the talk

PLUS - Law firm visits on 8 September - a relationship building opportunity for delegates to visit a number of law firms in London to exchange ideas and network. 

Law Society is a promotional partner and members can register at a discounted rate. Please visit the IBA website for further information. 






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