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Intervention letters

The Law Society’s Lawyers at Risk programme supports lawyers who are hindered in carrying out their professional duties through threats, intimidation, disciplinary measures, disappearance or murder. This support is provided through intervention letters sent to State authorities regarding specific cases, but also through structural work to improve lawyers’ safety. The Law Society, therefore, responds to individual cases of lawyers under threat, but also aims to address the structural causes that give rise to such threats. We submit amicus curiae briefs to domestic courts and international tribunals to achieve law reform and change practices that are detrimental to the effective functioning of the judicial system.


Law Society writes letter on the indictment of Turkish lawyer

20 June 2019

The Law Society sent a letter to Turkish authorities urging them to discontinue proceedings against lawyer Veysel Ok.

Letter on the arbitrary detention and long-term imprisonment of 18 lawyers in Turkey

20 May 2019Updated: 4 June 2019

The Law Society has sent a joint letter with 23 other organistations and individuals to four United Nations Special Rapporteurs.

Letter on Chinese Lawyer Jiang Tianyong

8 April 2019

The Law Society sent a joint letter to Chinese authorities on the situation of  lawyer Jiang Tianyong. This lawyer was convicted in August 2017 on charges of “inciting subversion of state power”. Prior to his release scheduled for February 2019, the Law Society and others call on the Chinese authorities to respect Jiang Tianyong’s right to return to his home or leave the country freely, as well as cease harassment and surveillance of him, his family and his colleagues.

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The Law Society issues letter to the Prosecutor General of Russia conerning the lawyer Lyudmila Aleksandrova

18 December 2018

The letter can be found on the right hand-side of this webpage. 

The Philippines – Killing of lawyers Benjamin Raphael Atotubo, and other members of the legal profession

18 December 2018

The Law Society of England & Wales raised its concern over the murder and assination of lawyers in a letter to the the President of the Republic of the Philippines 

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Harassment of the human rights lawyer Rajat Kalsan in India

14 December 2017

The Law Society of England and Wales sent an intervention letter to the President of India to raise awareness on the case of harassment against the human rights lawyer Rajat Kalsan.

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Killing of the human rights defender Jeremy Barrios in Guatemala

29 December 2016Updated: 6 January 2017

The Law Society of England and Wales expressed its concern over the killing of the human rights defender Jeremy Barrios in Guatemala and the increasing unsafe environment for human rights defenders and lawyers in the country. 

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India: Ms Shalini Gera and Ms. Isha Khandelwal - Lawyers at Risk

26 November 2015

The Law Society expressed concern for two lawyers in India: Ms Gera and Ms Khandelwal.   Read the intervention attached.

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Intervention Trackers

All interventions and follow-up actions are included in the Law Society's Intervention Tracker. This tracker compiles the data and allows for analyses regarding, for example, regional trends of intimidation and the identification of places where the independence of the legal profession is particularly threatened.

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