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Lawyers at Risk

The Lawyers at Risk programme aims to raise awareness of the risks and challenges associated with being a lawyer and the importance of the independence of the legal profession, as well as to foster professional solidarity with colleagues abroad.

The Law Society makes use of its ECOSOC consultative status with the United Nations to make submissions to UN treaty bodies, UN Human Rights Council and UN Special Rapporteurs. We collaborate with a network of NGOs, international institutions, State agencies, and Bar associations for advocacy and follow-up on interventions and submissions. All interventions and follow-up actions are included in the Law Society's Intervention Tracker. This tracker compiles the data and allows for analyses regarding, for example, regional trends of intimidation and the identification of places where the independence of the legal profession is particularly threatened.

The work of the Lawyers at Risk programme is supported by the International Action Team (IAT), a volunteer group that consists of practising solicitors, barristers, and law students.

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UPR Submission - Egypt

29 March 2019

3rd cycle UPR review of Egypt

Law Society issues joint declaration on Turkey

24 January 2019

Lawyers in Turkey are suffering detention, arrest and jail on an unprecedented scale for carrying out their professional duties

The Law Society issues letter to the Saudi Arabian Authorities concerning the detention of Women's Rights Defender

6 December 2018

The Law Society sent a letter to authorities in Saudi Arabia regarding the harassment and incommunicado detention of women’s rights defender Samar Badawi

Arrests and the detention of lawyers in Tajikistan

30 October 2018

Lawyers all over the world risk losing their liberty – and worse – when they seek to uphold fundamental human rights. Jonathan Rayner reports.

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Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2019

14 March 2019

On 24 January 2019,  the Law Society, together with the IBA Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI), organised a seminar for the Day of the Endangered Lawyer which – this year - focused on Turkey.

human rights day

International Human Rights Day 2018

14 March 2019

On 13 December 2018, the Law Society organised a seminar for International Human Rights Day on the criminalisation of lawyers and human rights defenders.


UN Side Event “State of emergency and attacks to the legal profession in Turkey"

8 June 2018

21 June 2018, h. 15-16, Room XXV Palais des Nations

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UPR Submission - Egypt

29 March 2019

3rd cycle UPR review of Egypt

intervention tracker

The Law Society launches Intervention Tracker 2018

13 March 2019

The Law Society launched its Intervention Tracker 2018. This is the third intervention tracker produced by the Law Society. 

Turkey’s Coup and the European Court of Human Rights

13 March 2018

On 5 March 2018, the Law Society’s Chair of the Human Rights Committee, Tony Fisher, participated in a conference organised jointly with the German Bar Association, Lawyers for Lawyers, the Observatoire International Des Avocats and ELDH in Berlin. 

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What is the International Action Team?

No webinar or training is required, other than the IAT training taking place once a year. Please note that we are currently not able to admit law students, or students in other areas of study, to the International Action Team. Unfortunately, we are also not able to respond to requests for career advice.

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