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Message from our new deputy vice president

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Simon Davis speaks directly to in-house lawyers.

I have spent over 30 years learning about my clients, understanding their needs and providing them with solutions. On my road to the presidency, and when president, I will use the same energies and skills on behalf of the in-house lawyer community.

Whether you work in the public, commerce or not-for-profit sector, what you all have in common is a strong sense of service to the organisations in which you work. It is the job of the Law Society to provide that same sense of service to you.

You will be aware of the guidance note we issued to help those involved in criminal and regulatory investigations push back against the erosion of legal professional privilege. We are also working closely with the government and select committees to minimise the impact of Brexit on our profession, our industry and our economy.

Overall, the Law Society is not just the voice of the profession, but is here to help organisations and in-house lawyers deal with the challenges of regulation, legal technology and adding value.

The Law Society has a dedicated community for you – the In-house Division – and every year it organises, hosts and delivers over 20 topical seminars, a conference, workshops and webinars, publishes an online magazine and e-newsletters, and coordinates a LinkedIn group.

We are developing our offering based on your needs, so please contact Priya Krishnan, product manager (In-house Division) and cc me in, with thoughts and ideas, and let us know how we can help you.

Simon Davis

Deputy vice president

The Law Society

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About the In-house Division

Your In-house Division is dedicated to meeting the needs of in-house lawyers working in the corporate and public sectors, not-for-profit organisations and charities.

See our 2018/19 Engagement Programme.