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Exclusive Features from the In-house Division

fire and water hands

Crisis? What crisis?

31 August 2018

Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, general counsel (Europe) at the Hinduja Group spoke at the In-house Division annual conference in June on the role of in-house legal in crisis management. Here, he shares his advice on the topic.

crafty counsel clapperboard

Take a bite: get in front of the camera with Crafty Counsel

31 August 2018

Ben White discusses Crafty Counsel, a new online platform specifically for in-house counsel featuring bite-sized learning videos featuring presenters from law firms and other organisations. He explains how you can get involved, and what to expect from the filming day. There are also Q&As with two in-house lawyers who have already been before the camera.

What makes in-house lawyers effective

11 September 2018

Keith Ruddock, former general counsel, The Weir Group takes 90 seconds to share what makes In House lawyers effective.

How to be an effective in-house counsel

11 September 2018

Keith Ruddock, former general counsel at The Weir Group and senior in-house lawyer at Shell, shares his 24 years’ experience and advice on how to be an effective in-house counsel.

How can in-house counsel do pro bono work?

24 August 2018

In a series of three bitesize videos, Rebecca Wilkinson shares her advice on how to do pro bono work as in-house counsel.

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