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InsideOut - June 2015

Insideout july 2015

June 2015: Successful in-house leadership

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Lawyers as leaders

26 June 2015By

Business psychologist and leadership consultant Jon Stokes shares his knowledge of leadership in the legal sector and how to be an inspiring leader

Other Features

Changing Career Direction

Inside knowledge

26 June 2015By

General counsel turned leadership coach Mark Prebble talks to Grania Langdon-Down about the challenges of leadership in-house and gives practical advice on improving your leadership skills

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Players not gatekeepers

26 June 2015By

Heads of legal and general counsel from across the sectors talk to Grania Langdon-Down about leading their teams and leadership at an organisational level


Legal ethics versus business needs

26 June 2015By

Ethics must underpin the work of the in-house lawyer, but this can sometimes be difficult to reconcile with business needs. Tracey Calvert provides a guide to the SRA Principles and Code of Conduct and the ethical values which must be displayed in the in-house environment

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Change management: an in-house perspective

26 June 2015By

Reflecting on his own experiences, Trevor Goodman, EMEA head of legal at Legg Mason, offers practical advice for leading change management


7 top tips for leading and developing legal teams

26 June 2015By

Executive coach and former lawyer Anne Waldron offers practical tips for successful team development

Leadership case studies

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Case study: leading a merger

26 June 2015By

Mark Harvey talks to Grania Langdon-Down about leading the merger between Age Concern and Help the Aged


Case study: leadership in the public sector

26 June 2015By

General counsel at the University of York, Helen Shay, provides a personal account of her leadership experience in the public sector