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In-house Events

Find all the latest In-house Division events, from workshops to seminars.

Mapping the moral compass of in-house lawyers (27 September)

Join this interactive seminar which will draw on the mapping the moral compass of in-house lawyers research conducted by UCL’s Centre for Ethics and Law.

Discover the full potential of LinkedIn (18 October, London)

Learn how this tool can power up your business profile, boost your commercial and career opportunities. 

GDPR: road to 2018 for in-house lawyers (26 October, London)

Chaired by Christina Blacklaws, vice president, Law Society, this will be an interactive seminar aimed to share knowledge, best practice and guidance around what we know about GDPR, dispel some of the myths and practically focus on what you, as in-house lawyers can be doing to prepare for 25 May 2018 and beyond.

Implications of Brexit for in-house lawyers (download the presentations)

This seminar will consider the international impact of Brexit for in-house teams, as well as on the wider sector.

Managing Training Contracts (download the presentations)

Find out how your organisation can benefit from offering training contracts, what supervising a trainee entails and the main hurdles you may face.

Modern Slavery Act - Emerging best practice (download the presentation)

Find out the latest developments in the implementation of the Modern Slavery Act. 

Demonstrating value – doing more for less (download the presentations)

Time and resource are precious commodities, especially with on-going pressure on legal spend and an ever increasing workload. 

In-house Webinars

Find all the latest In-house Division webinars.

Why some lawyers are poor negotiators and what they can do about it

Leadership consultant Ciarán Fenton outlines key steps in developing your negotiating skills as an in-house lawyer.

On-demand webinar: Legal professional privilege for in-house lawyers 2017

Colin Passmore, senior partner at Simmons & Simmons will advise on the updates to legal professional privilege relevant to in-house lawyers, tying in with the recent release of the Law Society’s practice note.

On-demand webinar: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it affects your organisation

Stephen McCartney, director of information governance and data protection officer at Royal Mail Group will focus on the changes to data protection law across Europe that will impact your organisation.

On-demand webinar: Mitigating risk - managing and reporting for in-house counsel

Learn practical solutions and tools to help your legal department make the transition from legal risk manager to strategic risk partner and provide best practice reporting on risk.

On-demand webinar: New SRA regime, CPD and continuing competence practical guide

Join this webinar to get an overview of continuing competence - what do I need to know? how do I identify my training needs? how do I keep training records? and how do I demonstrate that the SRA requirements have been met? 

On-demand webinar: Data protection for in-house lawyers

Join this webinar to understand the key concepts and principles, how these apply to organisations, practical guidance on complying with the law, and reducing the risk of regulatory action.

On-demand webinar: In-house legal professional privilege for in-house - UK vs. Europe

Join this webinar to gain a practical insight into how privilege works with the in-house lawyer and how this gives rise to challenges when dealing with, for example, investigations undertaken by the European Commission. 

On-demand webinar: Regulatory framework and changes

Recent changes in the law, and with the introduction of the SRA Handbook, mean that in-house practice is of greater interest to the regulator than ever before and ignorance of compliance requirements is a risky position to sustain.

Other webinars and events

A selection of other events and webinars from across all of the Law Society division communities.

Brexit Part 2: Litigation and enforcement (download the presentations)

This seminar focused on the implications of Brexit for antitrust enforcement and competition litigation

Mapping the moral compass of in-house lawyers (27 September)

12 June 2017Updated: 3 July 2017

Join this interactive seminar which will draw on the mapping the moral compass of in-house lawyers research conducted by UCL’s Centre for Ethics and Law.

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