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Law Society publishes Brexit no-deal papers

8 November 2018

The Law Society has published a series of papers for solicitors in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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Crisis? What crisis?

31 August 2018

Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, general counsel (Europe) at the Hinduja Group spoke at the In-house Division annual conference in June on the role of in-house legal in crisis management. Here, he shares his advice on the topic.

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The long read: The challenging role of lawyers in crisis response

23 July 2018By

Keith Ruddock argues that companies - and their legal teams - need to understand that societal and community issues are as important as technical, legal, economic or enginerring issues. These can be vital to reputation management in a crisis.

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Facebook and the world’s regulators

26 April 2018

One dented social network. 87 million profiles. 44 angry senators. And an ever increasing number of government and state investigators. That’s what’s on Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline. Lewis Crofts, MLex editor-in-chief, reports.

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Why are you so scared of the GDPR?

26 April 2018By

Bhavisha Mistry senses the panic in the air as the General Data Protection Regulation’s 25 May deadline draws ever closer. But she’s not sure what all the worry is about. 

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How binding corporate rules could be the answer to data protection compliance

29 January 2018

Corporations are seeking to mitigate the risks associated with data flows beyond Europe’s borders. Measures such as binding corporate rules, though cumbersome, slow and costly, are for many a sensible precaution, says Lewis Crofts, MLex editor-in-chief.


Your step-by-step project plan to GDPR readiness

29 January 2018

Allison Wooddisse, head of in-house and compliance at LexisNexis, considers what is on the horizon in relation to data protection for 2018, and what should be top of your to-do list right now on your journey to GDPR readiness.


GDPR compliance: engaging the business

30 October 2017

Sophie Gould, head of PSL In-house at Lexis Nexis, looks at how some organisations are encouraging wider corporate engagement with GDPR compliance.


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Why I'm backing Britain: the Global Legal Centre campaign

29 January 2018

The Law Society is running a campaign promoting England and Wales as a global legal centre. The campaign focuses on the benefits of English and Welsh law, judicial system and the profession, as well as the benefits of London as a legal hub. Funke Abimbola, general counsel at Roche, discusses why she is getting involved.

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Right to remain

28 July 2017

Over a year since the Brexit result, much uncertainty still hangs over the rights of EU lawyers to live and work in the UK. Joanna Hunt scrutinises the government’s recent paper on the future status of EU nationals, and its implications for anyone working in legal services - but is it good news?

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‘Don’t waste money on Brexit advice right now,’ in-house lawyers told.

26 June 2017

Spending money on external legal advice on Brexit-related issues may be a waste of money right now, suggests the head of legal at Aviva.

brexit consequences

In-house lawyers braced for a Byzantine Brexit

6 April 2017

In the week that prime minister Theresa May formally set in motion the process of leaving the EU, the sheer scale of issues that Brexit will pose for in-house counsel was made plain.

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Brexit: Implications for in-house lawyers - an update (6 February, Birmingham)

19 November 2018

Join us for a free seminar in Birmingham for an update on the current Brexit negotiations and practical guidance on how in-house lawyers can best prepare for the UK’s exit.

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Brexit: Implications for in-house lawyers - an update (12 February, Manchester)

19 November 2018

Join us for a free seminar in Manchester for an update on the current Brexit negotiations and practical guidance on how in-house lawyers can best prepare for the UK’s exit.


Mitigating risk for in-house lawyers (31 January, Leeds)

30 October 2018

Join us for a free seminar in Leeds for practical tips and advice on how to mitigate risk as an in-house lawyer.

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Brexit: Implications for in-house lawyers - an update (download the presentation)

25 October 2018

With four months to go until the UK leaves the EU, we consider the more pressing issues that Brexit brings for in-house lawyers.

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Webinar: Legal professional privilege for in-house lawyers 2017 (OnDemand)

2 March 2017

Colin Passmore, senior partner at Simmons & Simmons will advise on the updates to legal professional privilege relevant to in-house lawyers, tying in with the recent release of the Law Society’s practice note.

Free Webinar: Mitigating risk: Managing and reporting for in-house counsel (OnDemand)

16 October 2016Updated: 17 October 2016

Learn practical solutions and tools to help your legal department make the transition from legal risk manager to strategic risk partner and provide best practice reporting on risk.

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