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Performance management and adding value


Conference 2017: How to add strategic impact and value

28 July 2017

At the annual conference, Sophie Gould (head of in-house at LexisNexis) and Dr Paul Hughes (Cranfield School of Management) delivered a roundtable presentation sharing best practice and practical advice on how in-house lawyers can increase their strategic impact, gain influence in their organisation and add more value to the wider business.

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The great from the good: what differentiates successful in-house counsel?

23 July 2018By

What lies at the heart of a thriving legal department? What essential skills are needed to support the legal team increase their impact and influence? These were some of the questions grappled with during a World Café-style event held by LexisNexis (LN) at the conference, chaired by Sophie Gould, LN head of in-house.

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Layman's terms: communicating law to non-lawyers

23 July 2018By

Natasha Taylor, legal services manager at Essex Legal Services, considers the art of communicating law to non-lawyers. She draws on her experiences as a solicitor advocate in adoption hearings to explain how understanding and empathy can make all the difference when building client relationships.

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3 concrete ways to increase the value from your external panel

3 May 2018

Sophie Gould announces the findings of new research by LexisNexis and the Judge Business School on the relationship between in-house legal teams and large law firms, and the practical lessons to take away.

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Highlights of the In-house Division Annual Conference 2017

5 October 2017

We’ve collated the highlights from our growing flagship annual conference. 

Demonstrating value – doing more for less (download the presentations)

18 October 2016

Time and resource are precious commodities, especially with on-going pressure on legal spend and an ever increasing workload. 

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Webinar: In-house: Why some lawyers are poor negotiators and what they can do about it (OnDemand)

29 June 2017

Leadership consultant Ciarán Fenton outlines key steps in developing your negotiating skills as an in-house lawyer.

On-demand webinar: In-house perspective: how to apply for an ABS

12 October 2015Updated: 15 October 2015

ABSs continue to grow as businesses are looking to stand out in the market. The joining up of public services is not always backed by legislation which allows sharing of legal services, and local authorities are becoming commissioning organisations of outsourcing work to owned or private companies (and other third party organisations).

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