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katherine sparkes 220x166

Charity trusteeships: ready to get on board?

30 October 2017

It is estimated that half of all registered charities in the UK have a trustee vacancy. Why do so many people overlook taking part? With Trustees Week around the corner, Katherine Sparkes explains how trusteeships can massively enhance your professional development and personal wellbeing.

simon osborne

In-house Division seminar – routes to the board: a seat at the table for in-house lawyers

22 September 2017By Simon Osborne

Simon Osborne, chief executive and fellow of ICSA, outlines routes to the board for in-house lawyers.

peter swabey

Conference 2017: The future of governance

28 July 2017

Peter Swabey FCIS, policy & research director at ICSA: The Governance Institute, spoke at the annual conference on why corporate governance is now high on the government’s agenda, and the expectations placed on it to restore public faith in business.


It's good to talk: the Mosaic mentoring scheme

27 April 2017

Since its inception in 2015, the Mosaic mentoring scheme has paired nearly 80 in-house lawyers, offering career guidance, coaching, and cross-industry insights and perspectives. We speak to its founders, Emma Sharpe and Claire Debney, about the ethos of the scheme, the particular importance of mentoring for the in-house community, and how you can get involved further. 

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Empowering general counsel to take a more strategic leadership role in business

23 July 2018By

Lesley Wan gave the keynote address of day one of the conference, on how in-house counsel can unleash their strategic potential. She outlines a number of trailblazing initiatives she has delivered over her career to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone.

crisis management

The long read: The challenging role of lawyers in crisis response

23 July 2018By

Keith Ruddock argues that companies - and their legal teams - need to understand that societal and community issues are as important as technical, legal, economic or enginerring issues. These can be vital to reputation management in a crisis.


Managing an in-house legal team: 5 things you must consider

26 April 2018

Managing a team of in-house lawyers presents all kinds of nuanced challenges. Amanda Gill, director at Deutsche Bank, provides five tips that any manager, from the novice to the seasoned veteran, should follow.

katrina photo

Success stories: How we won the In-house Excellence Award

26 April 2018

Katrina Robinson MBE’s legal services team at housing association Optivo won the Law Society’s Excellence In-house Award 2017 for their unique and direct approach to working with tenants suffering from anti-social behaviour. In an interview conducted shortly before she left the business, she explains how their personal service for their tenants is reaping rewards.

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swati paul

Swati Paul interview: In-house Solicitor of the Year

29 January 2018

Swati Paul was the winner of the Solicitor of the Year - In-house Award 2017. We caught up with her to find out more about her work at London Luton Airport overseeing an innovative project that has captured the attention of airports across the globe, spearheaded industry-wide change – and secured her Excellence Award win.

katrina photo

My (in-house) legal life: Katrina Robinson MBE

29 January 2018

Housing association Optivo won the Excellence In-house award at the Excellence Awards last year. We speak to its head of legal services, Katrina Robinson MBE, about her 20-year career in housing law.

Abhijit Mukhopadhyay

My (in-house) legal life: Abhijit Mukhopadhyay

7 November 2017

The president (Legal) & GC (Europe) of Hinduja Group discusses his in-house career.

stephanie boyce new

My (in-house) legal life: I. Stephanie Boyce

21 August 2017

In the first of a new series, a lawyer discusses their in-house career journey to date, the lessons they have learned, and offers practical career guidance and advice. First up is I. Stephanie Boyce, director of Create Positive Possibilities and GC to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

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Empty wooden bench - mental health and bereavement

Time to talk: opening up about mental health at work

26 July 2018

Jane McLintock, legal & compliance director at Shire Leasing, discusses how her organisation has started a dialogue on mental health in the workplace – and how staff reacted.

circle of speech bubbles

Layman's terms: communicating law to non-lawyers

23 July 2018By

Natasha Taylor, legal services manager at Essex Legal Services, considers the art of communicating law to non-lawyers. She draws on her experiences as a solicitor advocate in adoption hearings to explain how understanding and empathy can make all the difference when building client relationships.

Business cards

Personal branding for lawyers: Beyond the business card

15 August 2017

You already have a personal brand – you just may not know it yet. 

LawCare logo

LawCare: a helping hand

8 April 2016By

Elizabeth Rimmer explains why wellbeing strategies are essential in every organisation, and what LawCare can do to help lawyers in need 

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brexit puzzle

Brexit: Implications for in-house lawyers - an update (6 February, Birmingham)

Join us for a free seminar in Birmingham for an update on the current Brexit negotiations and practical guidance on how in-house lawyers can best prepare for the UK’s exit.

brexit puzzle

Brexit: Implications for in-house lawyers - an update (12 February, Manchester)

Join us for a free seminar in Manchester for an update on the current Brexit negotiations and practical guidance on how in-house lawyers can best prepare for the UK’s exit.


Mitigating risk for in-house lawyers (31 January, Leeds)

Join us for a free seminar in Leeds for practical tips and advice on how to mitigate risk as an in-house lawyer.

Brexit - person in Union Jack jacket holding compass

Brexit: Implications for in-house lawyers - an update (download the presentation)

With four months to go until the UK leaves the EU, we consider the more pressing issues that Brexit brings for in-house lawyers.

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steven 84x84

The importance of In-house lawyers

8 November 2018

Stephen Denyer, director of strategic relationships at the Law Society, talks about In-house lawyers, their growing importance and how the Law Society can help.

keith 84x84

What makes in-house lawyers effective

11 September 2018

Keith Ruddock, former general counsel, The Weir Group takes 90 seconds to share what makes In House lawyers effective.

keith 84x84

How to be an effective in-house counsel

11 September 2018

Keith Ruddock, former general counsel at The Weir Group and senior in-house lawyer at Shell, shares his 24 years’ experience and advice on how to be an effective in-house counsel.

rebecca 84x84

How can in-house counsel do pro bono work?

24 August 2018

In a series of three bitesize videos, Rebecca Wilkinson shares her advice on how to do pro bono work as in-house counsel.

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Abhijit Mukhopadhyay

In conversation with Abhijit Mukhopadhyay

22 November 2018

In conversation with Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President Legal and General Counsel of the Hinduja Group - a senior in-house lawyer sitting in the group’s global headquarters in London.

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