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Human Rights

Please be aware that all information under the Lawyers at Risk section of the Human Rights website will be move to the International website. From Tuesday 10 April 2018, you will be able to access the latest news, updates and intervention letters on the International Rule of Law section of the International website. This is to create consistency within the established International Rule of Law programmes and to provide clearer information on the work of the Law Society’s International team of the Law Society.

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angela jackman

Podcast with Angela Jackman

12 March 2018

Human Rights Committee member Angela Jackman talks to the Law Society about her work as a leading human rights solicitor and as a lecturer at City University.

Image of Glyn Maddocks

Interview with Glyn Maddocks

13 November 2017

Human Rights Committee member Glyn Maddocks reflects on his pioneering work with the Centre for Criminal Appeals, and his long fight to overturn miscarriages of justice.

Image of UK and EU flags representing Brexit

The constitutional implications of Brexit

2 October 2017

What are the future ramifications of the Repeal Bill? How should Henry VIII clauses be used? We ask two experts from Middlesex University for their thoughts.

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social media keyboard

Policing online content – Who’s responsible?

8 March 2018By

It is just over 500 years ago that Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. Few at the time could have predicted that this would eventually lead to 150 years of religious wars, the creation of the Church of England, and the accession of women to the clergy. This is testament to the power of ideas, of course, but also to the technology that enables their dissemination: Luther’s ideas altered the course of history, but none of ...

human rights

Who wouldn’t trade a little privacy for a lot of security?

20 December 2017By

Olivier Roth discusses whether we have traded our privacy for technology and the role which government and private companies play in shaping this debate.

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