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Human Rights

Human Rights Week

The Law Society was very proud to support a week long series of events to celebrate human rights. The week of the 8 December saw a host of events from law firms, NGO's and academics to celebrate human rights. Below you can find some of the materials from the events.

D Hammond

Human Rights at Sea: A new independent perspective for Human Rights in the maritime sector

16 December 2014

Following on from participation in the 10 December Law Society’s annual Human Rights conference specifically providing an international view of the work undertaken by the Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) Initiative in the area of modern slavery at sea, the following is a short article outlining the work currently undertaken HRAS and a brief background to its development since its launch on 3rd April of this year.

Social protection: A path out of poverty?

19 November 2014

This seminar gave an overview of social protection - its place in the international human rights framework, evidence of its poverty and inequality impacts and the growing recognition of its potential role in promoting inclusive development and growth, represented in the debate on the Sustainable Development Goals set to replace the Millennium Development Goals 2015.

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