Pakistan: Rana Khalid Abbas, Irfan Chauhan and Zohaib Sahi - lawyers killed, injured and at risk

The Law Society is deeply concerned by the death of lawyers Rana Khalid Abbas and Irfan Chauhan and the serious wounding of Zohaib Sahi, who were shot in a protest in the city of Daska, province of Punjab, on 25 May.

Egypt – Members of the Legal Profession under threat

The Law Society is concerned for Negad El Borai, and Judges Hisham Raouf and Assem Abdel-Gabbar. Mr El Borai is a prominent human rights lawyer in Egypt, who advocates for human rights, freedom of expression, assembly and association in accordance with international human rights law. He is the head of the legal unit at United Group, a law firm that carries that out the practice of law, and also engages in legal activities such as conducting legal research and drafting laws.

Niger: HRD's at Risk

The Law Society expresses concern regarding human rights defenders in Niger and urges authorities to ensure that they are not prevented, either through threat, violence, intimidation or other means, from promoting and protecting human rights.   

Iran: Narges Mohammadi - HRD at Risk

The Law Society is deeply concerned by the reports that Narges Mohammadi, a well-known defender of human rights  in Iran and Spokesperson and Vice-President of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre (DHRC), was arrested on 5 May 2015 and incarcerated in Evin Prison. The Law Society is particularly alarmed at Ms Mohammadi’s incarceration given that she has a medical condition that is intensified in closed spaces such as a prison cell and we understand that the Evin prison lacks the necessary ...

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